Why upload your layouts/projects to DigitalScrapbook.com?

  1. Your layouts/projects will be posted to the front page of the site, where our friendly community can "heart" them and comment on them.
  2. Your layouts/projects will show up in the DigitalScrapbook.com Gallery, and in site search.
  3. You will get your own private gallery at digitalscrapbook.com/your-name/gallery (see example), where you can send others to view your work.
  4. You'll be eligible to enter DigitalScrapbook.com challenges, and win download credits.
  5. You'll get a nice interface to browse all comments on your layouts/projects, and see all your layout/project statistics (# of views, hearts, etc.).
  6. We have an open gallery: your layouts/projects do not have to be related to DigitalScrapbook.com, i.e. they do not have to use DigitalScrapbook.com graphics.