More about Community Points

Please make sure that you have already read the introduction to download credits and community points. is a community-based website: a place for people to come and have fun, digital scrapbook, and get to know each other.

As such, you can earn community points for interacting on the site: for stuff like filling out your profile, leaving a comment, or posting in the forums. It is important to note that community points are not the same as download credits: download credits get used up as you download, and get renewed overnight; community points only ever increase, and never get "used up."

What you get from community points

  1. Earning community points will get you additional free download credits (see below).
  2. You need a minimum number of points to be eligible to upload your layouts to the gallery.
  3. You need a minimum number of points to share freebies in the Freebies Forum.
  4. You need a minimum number of points to post designs in the Commons.
  5. You need a minimum number of points to be a forum moderator.
  6. The more points you have, the higher your reputation in the community.

How you can earn community points

Points Interaction
10 Completely filling out your profile, including first and last name, about me, and uploading a profile picture.
10-30 Linking to from your blog or website. See here for more information.
5 Every forum topic you start.
2 Every reply you post in the forums.
3 Every layout you upload to the gallery.
1 Every comment you leave on a design or layout.
2 Every comment you leave on a blog post.
3 Uploading a layout to the gallery.

Note: when you delete a layout, forum post, or comment that you have posted, you lose the same number of community points that you received when you originally posted it. This is necessary in order to prevent abuse of the system.

Increasing Download Credits

To get your first increase in free download credits you need to earn just 10 community points, which you can achieve simply by filling out your profile.

After that you earn more download credits on an exponential curve, like so:

Community Points Free download credits
10 free download credit bonus
30 free download credit bonus
70 free download credit bonus
150 free download credit bonus
300 free download credit bonus