Tagging and Naming Graphics

Naming Graphics For Uploading

A good title describes an item well, makes sense, and is not too verbose.

  1. Titles should attempt to describe an item well, and relatively fully, but without being using more words than needed.
  2. You may use the kit name in a graphic's title if it is helpful.
  3. For example, "Birds in Snow Solid Paper - Yellow" (where "Birds in Snow" is the name of the kit).
  4. Titles should not include anything that is not immediately relevant to the average end user: for example, sku numbers should not be included in titles.


All words in a product title should be capitalized. Example: Solid Blue Paper

How long is too long?

There is a character limit on the title field: if you keep typing, but the characters are no longer added to the title, it means that you have reached the limit: try and find a way to make your title shorter.

How to name multiple similar items

The site will prevent a given designer from giving two items exactly the same name.

Let's say you are uploading a number of navy blue papers; how should you title the papers to distinguish them from each other?

Step 1: You can use your kit name in the title, if desired:

  • Navy Blue Paper - Birds in Snow

Step 2: If possible, use other identifying characteristics of the item

  • Navy Blue Paper - Grunge
  • Navy Blue Paper - Distressed
  • Navy Blue Paper With Pink Stripe

Or, combining identifying characteristics with kit name:

  • Birds in Snow Solid Paper - Navy Blue
  • Birds in Snow Grunge Paper - Navy Blue
  • Birds in Snow Distressed Paper - Navy Blue

Step 3: If your title still isn't unique to you (the site is giving you a warning), add a number to the end - Birds in Snow Solid Paper - Blue 02

Tagging Graphics

For individual graphics, it is important that you only add tags that directly describe the graphic being tagged. A blue heart brad should generally only be tagged with "blue" (in the colors field) and "heart" and "brad." Things like kit name and designer name should not be used as tags.

Basically, just consider the individual graphic by itself, and ask yourself, "what words directly describe this graphic?" Do not consider the kit, designer, or any other context when tagging an individual graphic.

Some basic rules:

  • You should NOT tag the kit name.
  • You should NOT tag your designer name.
  • You should NOT tag similar forms of the same word. (e.g. "star" & "stars" & "starred" ⇒ just use one)
  • You should NOT tag file format, size, aspect ratio, or dimensions. (e.g. "jpg", "vector", "4x6", "8mb")

For synonyms (banner=bunting, photo=picture), please only tag one, as our search engine is normally smart enough to figure synonyms out. But do let us know any synonyms you think of so we can add them to our list.

Important tags to remember for individual graphics are common categories like: template, element, embellishment, paper, pattern, overlay, shape, stamp, illustration, etc.

For layout templates, please enter the number of photos as a tag, e.g. "1 photo" or "3 photos".