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  1. It's All About Family! (ADB)
  2. Beauty in the garden! (ADB Designs)
  3. Abigail Anne- I've Been Blessed with You
  4. Friends Bring Color
  1. poki & Mike- no title (ADB Designs)
  2. The Mansion, McGregor, Tx (ADB Designs)
  3. Christmas Cheer (ADBDesigns)
  4. 12/31/2013 (ADB)
  1. AUTUMN ABLAZE (ADB Designs)
  2. Autumn's Splendor (ADB Designs)
  3. Glorious Autumn (ADB Designs)
  4. Perfect Place
  1. Mt Elbert, Colorado (ADB)
  2. Mesa Falls Scenic By-Way, Idaho (ADB)
  3. Canyon of the Yellowstone River (ADB)
  4. Jenny Lake, Grand Tetons, Wyoming (ADB)
  1. Mt Evans, Colorado (ADB)
  2. Spring (ADB)
  3. Blissful! (ADB)
  4. I love big cats (ADB)
  1. The brilliant END of a glorious DAY (ADB)
  3. "catching butterflies" (ADB)
  4. My best BIRTHDAY ever! 2 (ADB)
  1. The family that plays together...stays together (ADB)
  2. A place for us... together (ADB)
  3. First day of Kindergarten (ADB)
  1. Our Sweetie Pie (ADB)
  2. autumn at Dallas Arboretum (ADB)
  3. I climbed the lights (ADB)
  4. Sunset at Lake Belton (ADB)
  1. Reflecting on a day well spent... (ADB)
  2. A butterfly finds Sweet Rest (ADB)
  3. There's a PLACE for us... SOMEWHERE! (ADB)
  4. Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (adb)
  1. Get your Sparkle on! (adb)
  2. Happy 4th (ADB)
  3. Turnback Canyon REGATTA2 (adb)
  4. ... stirs the HEART (adb)