Grad Surprise

Grad Surprise

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Recent Comments

Teddy Prayer
Teddy Prayer Wed, 07/15/2020 - 13:46

Poki - it was a nice surprise - I was so happy to see the big smile on her face :) Everyone's really done a great job at still making Grad special for the Class of 2020, and though there's disappointment for sure, there's also some neat memories

poki Sawyer
poki Sawyer Wed, 07/15/2020 - 10:09

What a nice surprise for you daughter. This was a tough one for 2020 Grads, but will definitely be a memory that lasts a "life-time"

Teddy Prayer
Teddy Prayer Tue, 07/14/2020 - 16:25

Thanks, Shannon & Bourico :)

Shannon Maguire
Shannon Maguire Tue, 07/14/2020 - 10:21

What a lovely surprise! Great multi-photo layout1

Bourico Casper
Bourico Casper Mon, 07/13/2020 - 23:39

very beautiful layout Teddy !