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I did an ooopsie and posted a question before making introductions, sorry!

Not an actual scrapbooker (yet), but rather a hoarder of ephemera - I have an idea, get into a download frenzy, then go radio silent and settle down to do something with all my stuff. I paint, sculpt with paper, take photos, weave, spin, and use collage elements both digitally and real. My goal is some day to link all of my passions into one coherent art form.... Figure I hopefully have at least 3 decades left in me to do so. Still on CS6, but it's not working super great on a high res monitor, so I may have to upgrade if this digital collage thing takes off. Right now I'm learning about book binding, which has been on my bucket list for a long, long time, and I plan to do a mix of dyeing pages then print them with collages I make from my downloads.


Thanks for saying hello Pia!

Hi Pia,

så du er en multifunktionel kunstner, der udtrykker dig med forskellige materialer og teknikker? Så velkommen. Jeg vil med glæde se dit arbejde snart.

so you are a multifunctional artist who expresses herself with different materials and techniques? Well then welcome. I would be happy to see work from you soon.

Welcome Pia.

Thanks, Marisa, Doska and Dagmar!