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My name is Karen -- I didn't choose it & ain't one LOL --

My body's 62 but my heart is 12 and it's not a second childhood; just never stopped being a kid smiley
I'm a wife & mom of 5 and soon to be a grandma for the first time. YAY!!!

My home has somehow become the daily drop-in spot for all the neighborhood kids. They ring my bell and ask, "can we hang with you?" My fridge is plastered with drawings and I'd say it's the best looking appliance in town. I try to always have something on hand to help keep little hands busy and keep a roll of magnet tape at the ready. smiley

I'm looking forward to virtually meeting some nice folks and hopefully forge a few friendships.


Hello Karen,

Welcome to our scrap addict group.
Yes, the child in us keeps us inspired.

Since I also love children's drawings, I would be happy if you scrapped a few drawings. I also have drawings as scraps in my gallery and a scrap with a photo of me drawing on the floor with a nephew.

Childrens Drawing

I wish you lots of stimulation, learning and fun and would be happy if you took part in the challenges.

Welcome Karen! So glad to have your here. Congrats on your first grandkid!

Hi Karen! I'm glad to have you here! Make yourself at home! There's lots of goodies to play with and lovely people to chat with. If you need anything, just ask!!