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  1. Coffee & Donuts- Donuts 4x6 Journal Card
  2. Coffee & Donuts- Donuts 4x4 Journal Card
  3. Coffee & Donuts- Donuts 3x4 Journal Card
  4. Coffee & Donuts Damask 4x6 Journal Card
  1. Coffee & Donuts Damask 4x4 Journal Card
  2. Coffee & Donuts Damask 3x4 Journal Card
  3. Coffee & Donuts Coffee Stain 4x6 Journal Card
  4. Coffee & Donuts Coffee Stain 4x4 Journal Card
  1. Coffee & Donuts Coffee Stain 3x4 Journal Card
  2. Coffee & Donuts Coffee 4x6 Journal Card
  3. Coffee & Donuts Coffee 4x4 Journal Card
  4. Coffee & Donuts Coffee 3x4 Journal Card


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PNG Graphics: Popular and Versatile

PNG files are a popular and versatile graphics format. Since they have a transparent option, you can have any kind of shape you can imagine with the ability to use it in a situation involving layers. Because of this transparent option, PNG files are very popular with digital scrapbookers.

To create a digital scrapbooking layout you need at least a couple fun embellishments, if not a lot, depending on your style. At we have no shortage of unique, beautiful and fun embellishments. And since these digital elements were created to use on a layered canvas in a software program like Photoshop, the PNG format is a perfect choice. Now you can include as many ribbons, bows and buttons on your layout as you want. At we have an enormous selection of PNG files for your digital scrapbooking needs. You're sure to find just what you need to create and finish whatever project you have in mind.

PNG files are also very useful for their exact color representation. Because of this functionality PNG files can be easy to recolor and alter in your image editing software program (see a simple tutorial for Photoshop). Just be sure to lock the transparency of the layer you're working with, choose your new color and fill in the desired layer.

Because of the ease with which they can be recolored, many digital scrapbook designers offer their templates as PNG files. Working with a pattern for making digital scrapbooking papers in PNG format makes it easy to recolor and make your own fun and interesting digital paper. We offer many of these PNG pattern templates at

A more complex image, such as an image extracted from a photo, is also easy to recolor and make your own. See our easy-to-follow tutorial. We have many grayscale PNG images that you can download and use to create your own digital scrapbook elements.

You Can Download PNG Files Today!

To those of you who this is your first time to, a warm welcome to you! We know you’ll be more than satisfied with our collection of over 212,000 graphics. As a member of, you’ll get 5 free downloads, every single day. Subscribe, and you’ll also get access to over 10,000 kits and unlimited individual graphic downloads. And that's just the beginning of what we have to offer.