Using Templates: How to Recolor Gray Scale Items, video

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Using Templates: How to Recolor Gray Scale Items, video

This is how I recolor assets in photoshop. There's no sound to the video, so I'll add some comments here.

1. Make a new layer over the gray scale item.

2. Fill the new layer with your desired color.

3. Right click on the color layer and choose "Create clipping mask." This will clip the color layer to the layer underneath.

4. Change the blending mode of the color layer. I usually use "multiply," but sometimes you need to double the color layer and use overlay and mutliply, lowering the opacity of both layers. It depends on the color you're using, as well as the gray scale item. Play around a little with the blending modes and opacity level until the color is as you like it.

Note: If the gray-scale item you're trying to recolor is too dark or too light, try this trick.

thank you SOOO much for this! Could the same technique be applied to colored items? Like an alpha or frame? I have a lot of standard textured frames that I'd love to recolor instead of buying the "blue" version for example.

Just turn the item to gray scale (black & white) and you can make it any color!

sweet!! thanks!! I'm gonna try it out!

Thanks for the tutorial and the tip! I started digital scrapbooking using Powerpoint which was, obviously, very limiting. I´ve just started learning Photoshop so that I can create better layouts and hopefully even try designing some assets myself. I have been avoiding templates as I wasn´t sure how to use them but with your tutorials I´ll definitely be gicing them a try.

Great! I was hoping the tutorials would help people figure out to use the templates. It's great to be able to customize stuff to fit your layout and color choice exactly.

This is such an awesome tip! It has allowed me to use some great assets which just didn´t fit my color scheme.

Thanks Marisa. The multiply and overlay tips are great.

It's more easier than I used to do... kkkkkk. Thanks so much!!!

think this tuturorial just answered my one question I put on the recolouring of pattern overlays smiley

What if you wanted to add several colors to an item?

Thanks for the help. I always wondered how to do that,

@Lea: You could do this same thing, but clip on a paper/pattern rather than a solid color.

Thanks for the 'multiple/overlay' tip.

this looks simple enough for even me! thanks very much!

Thank you for the demo. So nice and simple. :>}

Great video - I'm a visual learner and this helped a lot.

Great tutorial! Thanks!!

Very good indeed, love the simple and clear manner that conveys! Thanks

Thank you soo much!! I really needed this. C:

I tried to recolor the brad template with the chrome edge. It came as an argyle design and has no grey layer. I'm not sure what to do with it.

Lou Anne, I'm guessing you can just delete the argyle layer and add whatever you want into the brad.

Thanks Marisa. I was using Elements, if that makes a difference.. After the argyle layer there's a lime green layer with some kind of layer style in the template. I will try using a different style on the green circle.

I think I've got it! Thank you for your help.

Just got PS CS6 as I was using PSE 10. Still haven't learned that but decided that PS was more preferable. Have done recoloring but by trial and error. I appreciate the tutorial that spells it out in such a simple way! Thanks Marisa I will be using your tutorials a lot in the days to come!

Thanks for the tutorial. Used this tip not on a greyscaled colour but on the rainy days in Paris template. Worked great!

thanks for sharing!

OMG!!! I have been needing to learn this forever!!! The only issue I have is, I don't have the option of creating a clipping mask. I'm using PSE 7, but i just kind of skip over that step and it seems to work great:) Thank you so much

This will come in very useful. Thanks.

thank you so much for this tutorial! Can styles be added to Gray Scale Items?

They can be, but depending on the style it might "cover up" and texture or gradient from the original item. Adding a small bevel can be helpful to give it a little more depth...

Very clear instructions. Thank you.