Changing Saturation of Gray Scale Items

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Changing Saturation of Gray Scale Items

If you're working with a gray scale item for recoloring, or a texture, sometimes you can't get the color right and it's because the gray item is too light or too dark. Try this trick to allow you to get the color you want.

Go to Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation. Try dragging the lightness triangle back and forth and see how it affects the over all color.

Thank for the tip - learning a lot here!

That is a good tip. Thanks.


Thanks. That is a good tip.

Great tip... Thank you.

Very helpful tip, Thanks

I just love the hints and tricks you provide in the tutorials! Thank you!

Super tip. Thank you!

Great tip - thanks much!

learning a lot here, great tip !! Thank you

I'm making a few grayscale items for others to recolor, is their an optimum gray or grays that are easiest to recolor?

Thanks, great tip!

Thank you for that tip.

Marisa, why are designs meant for recoloring made in grey? I've been having a great time lately playing with Photoshop's Replace Color feature, but it gets all screwed up when I am trying to replace anything too neutral/grey/black/white. If I am trying to replace one color with another it works well. Is there some advantage to these items being grey that I am not taking advantage of when I try to recolor them?

I'm not really sure. This is the method I've always used for recoloring any image that isn't a solid color and has some gradient to it (like most scanned embellishments do). I'm certainly not aware of all the features in Photoshop though, so I could totally be missing something.

Lots of good information here. Thanks.

Thanks for another great tip.


Great tip

Thank you for your great tutorials!

Thank you for the tip,i am gonna for sure use this often.

Thank you for sharing such great tips!

@Violet, you need to teach us about this replace color option in photoshop, lol. I've never heard of it, is it an easier way to recolor items without losing contrast? I also use the high pass feature in my filter when recoloring. It works wonders for me when recoloring!!

Ohhh. That's a new one for me. I love it! Thanks.

Thanks for this tip... loving all I'm learning here.

Very helpful tip...thanks!

So what if the texture, when selected, doesn't allow you to make any adjustments? That menu is pretty much grayed out on this particular texture I'm using and I'm not sure why.

Okay, I was able to after I "rastersized" it... whatever that means! lol

Still not happy with the color. Is there anyway to get textures that don't affect the colors of what its put over?

Thank you for more great tips. There is so much to learn.

@Catherine: One reason the layer may not adjust is if this little icon is showing:

Then you need to right click on the layer and choose "rasterize layer." You should be able to adjust it then.