Beginner 3: Photoshop Tools

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Beginner 3: Photoshop Tools

The tool bar in photoshop gives you lots of different options. I will go over the ones most frequently used. You can use your mouse to click on the tool that you want, however to increase your productivity it is beneficial to learn the shortcuts for each which I will indicate in parenthesis. Simply hit the letter on the keyboard and your tool will change. Also, many of the tools have mutliple options indicated by a small triangle in the bottom-right corner. If you hold down your mouse, you will see these other options.

Marquee (M) - This lets you select an area, which you can fill with color, move, delete, etc.
Move Tool (V) - This lets you move whatever layer is selected.
Lasso (L) - This lets you draw a selection. The polygon lasso tool will let you click your mouse at different spots until you complete the selection.
Magic Wand (W) - This lets you select whatever color you click on with your mouse.
Crop (C) - This lets you draw a box and then crop the image to whatever is included in the selection.
Eye Dropper (I) - This lets you select any color by clicking with mouse.

Brush (B) - This tool lets you select a shape and size from the options bar, and then use it as a brush. You can either click once to get a stamp effect, or hold down to get a brush effect.
Eraser (E) - The tools lets you erase! Choose shape and size from the options bar.
Paint Bucket(G) - This tool lets you fill in a selection with whatever color you have selected. It also has the option to fill with a gradient; this will use both the background and foreground color.

Text (T) - This tool will let you type. Drag your mouse to create a text area. Letter and Paragraph options are in the options bar.
Shape (U) - Use this tool to make a shape. Choose what shape you make in the options bar. If you hold down shift while you make your shape, it will have even proportions.
Hand (H) - This tool will let you drag your entire image around like you were holding it. Hold down the mouse to drag for a different view.
Zoom (Z) - This tool will let you zoom. Click to zoom in, hold alt and click to zoom out.

I am loving the way you explain the use of these tools and what they do.

Your explains are wonderful! Thank You!

Thank you. I always wondered what a couple of those tools did.

Photoshop seems so simple with your tutoriels !! thank you so much !

I've been paper scrappin for 8 years, and I'm new to digital scrappin. New, new. I know nothing. I've watched the tutorials here, and gotten 1 thing accomplished- the scalloped edge tutorial. I own CS4, Elements 6.0, and GIMP but i'm really confused by all of them.
I primarily use elements, but I dont like that I cant (or havent figured out how to) create the scalloped edge or even a basic square.
Can anyone point me in the direction to learn more about this? THANK YOU!!!


Thank you for your great tutorials!

Marisa thank you for the Beginner Tutorials
You are the best:)

Thank you, Marisa!
I've been using PS forever, now that I'm digital scrapbooking I'm going to have to get into the habit of using the keyboard shortcuts to start making my life easier!!

Thank you for another awesome tutorial!

Hey Marisa,
Is there a paint bucket in CS6? I don't see one on my toolbar...

You might be seeing the gradient icon, which is the alternate for the paint bucket. Just hold down on the icon and you should get the menu to switch.

Appreciate this!! I used to use Photoshop for digital pages several years back, but I have found that if you don't use it, you lose it!

This is very helpful!!

Thanks so much! smiley

Thank you!

You are such a good teacher! The kids must love you...I love you!!!! smiley

you are making these sound so simple thank you so much for braking them down to easy to understand level for me./ us. thank you

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Love just learning what I need to get started. Thanks!

thank u... im new to photoshop...

This is a perfect flashcard for when I forget! Thanks for posting it smiley

You make everything seem so much easier than the help file that came with it. Thank you.

Thank you so much!!

thank u

Thank you. On to my fourth baby step. Just these four steps, read through quickly, have made things a bit less muddy, but there is so much to see and to learn I still feel a bit overwhelmed. Thank you for the 3 beginner tutorials I have watched so far. smiley

Thanks for the explanations. It helps a lot, and, makes mine pages looks so much better. Thanks for everything!

Thank you! smiley

So exactly what I need!!! TY

very helpful, thanx.