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Make This Page: Malaysia, video

Please leave comments so I can address the things you don't understand or go over too fast. I'm hoping to make more of these, but I need to know what you know and what you want to know!

Find the layout template used in this tutorial here.

It's very understandeble i think smiley
That shiftclick tip is so good thank you smiley
Do you always make new dropshadows for everything or do you use styles sometimes? smiley

Thanks for a really useful tutorial. It was a little fast for me as I am not too familiar with Photoshop yet but the great thing is that I can watch it multiple times and pause it when needed. The only part I found really hard to follow was when you merged layers as you did not say what option you were selecting from the menu after you right-clicked... but once again some pausing and replaying of the video allowed me to identify your selection as ¨merge layers¨.

Thanks guys. It's good to get some feedback on the speed. I really hate when I'm watching a tutorial and people are rambling on and on, so I try not to do that, but then I worry that I've overcompensated and it's too fast!

@Jessica: I do use styles now. I think this tutorial was from before I figured that out.

How to use this template? Its a JPEG, so not layered:

That layout was missing the .psd file. I've added it now, so it should work. Thanks for pointing it out.

Ill re-download then XD This layout is so cute smiley

I like that contract tool. I didn't know about it.

It's really neat to watch somebody make a page and learn new tricks.

Wow! That was super helpful! Thanks so much! I can't wait to go give it a try!

Marisa on a lot of my downloaded templates, where I need to add the photos, it will have a file icon on the layers palette, with a marked out pencil icon. When you hover over it it says 'non-editable adjustment'. I watched the video to try to see what it looked like when you added your smaller photos. On mine, I don't have individual layers where the photos go. Can you explain what this means and how to add the photos. Sorry...I am still new to Photoshop. By the way, I have PSE 11 if that helps.

Thank you for the tutorial. C:

It was fairly fast for me to follow but most everything went well for me. I do understand how you had to move around the screen fast as there was the time constraint. Thanks.

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Thanks for this tutorial, it was really helpful to watch you creating a page in photoshop!

Thank you for this and all of your other tutorials.

So this tutorial can be referenced for all layout templates? Just checking! smiley

Sure, it's a similar idea for most templates.

Thanks Marisa

Awesome! thanks.

I have just seen your tutorial for the Malaysia template. It was very easy to understand, thank you so much. I use Microsoft Digital Imaging program, and will use the template I have downloaded, using your instruction to help with layering.

I am only new so have not really had time to look over your site much but from what I have seen it is excellent.
I am looking forward to adding some of my layouts which I have created over the time.
Maureen xxxx

Thanks. This was really great to see actual pages put together.

I really want to learn from this. There is so much to it. But I can't make the video enlarge in either firefox or photoshop. Is it supposed to enlarge? Is there a you tube link where it would enlarge?

I found a link to the you tube video in case anyone else needs it:

In Photoshop CS5, if I select several layers, the style (with drop shadow) is grayed out. They can't be all done at once unless there is a way I am missing? Does this work in PSE and not in PS?

I did learn a lot from this video. I never knew you could select multiple layers. As well drop the photos and select them all and transform them as well. Great Video.

@Peg: I'm not sure why it's grayed out. I'm pretty sure I made this layout in CS5, so it should work for you. The only thing I can think of is that one of the layers you've selected can't have the style added to it. Although, I'm not sure what sort of layer that would be?

muchas gracias por el tutorial

I don't think there needs to be any changes made to this excellent video, very clear, straightforward, and easy to understand and implement. If I don't understand something, I simply rewind, thank you

I see that folks who use both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements were able to follow this, I can't wait to try it at home! Work might get a bit upset if I started doing all my personal hobbies on the clock!

.:.Thank you.:.

Just finished watching this - I must admit I had a bit of trouble following it as, yes Marisa, it was VERY fast. I'm not sure if I'll be able to replicate it in Elements, but I'll definitely give it a try. My 'aha' moment came when I saw that you didn't draw a box for your text. Being a beginner, that's what I've been doing, and it's been annoying me! Thanks for the tutorial, though, I wonder if it would be possible to also supply a written 'cheat sheet' with the video??? (For those of us who need the reinforcement!)

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!