Tech Tip: Tagging on Pinterest (ctrl+f)

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Tech Tip: Tagging on Pinterest (ctrl+f)

These directions are all from my experience with Chrome, but will probably behave similarly in any internet browser.

I just wanted to point out this quick tip that I use often on Pinterest, but can be used in lots of other situations. Whenever I pin a layout on Pinterest I always describe the pin using photo number and basic techniques and elements used, ex. "1 photo + paint + wood + brads." Then later when I'm looking for a layout with paint, I open my layout board and type "ctrl+f" (cmd+f on mac). This will open a little dialogue box at the top the screen (1). In the dialogue box you can type what you're looking for. The box will then show you how many of that word appear on the page. By hitting enter while still in the find box, you can skip between the words on the page, which will appear highlighted (2). You can also get a clue where they are by looking in the scroll bar on the right (3). Basically this is a way to hack tagging on Pinterest, allowing you to find things more easily.

That's a great idea.

Nice! Great tip thanks

Great tip! Thank you

Thanks for the tip...My daughter wanted me on Pinterest a long time ago, but I held out until FB forced me to go to the new timeline wall, which I didn't want. Until then, every time I tried to sign up for Pinterest it was telling me that my FB would be moved to the timeline. So I'm still learning Pinterest. New the searching in Chrome, just hadn't thought about tagging the layouts and things.

Very clever, thank you!

Thanks so much:)

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

That's brilliant! Will have to start doing that. Thank you for the tips smiley

Will have to try this. Thanks!

Great idea, I never new that!

thank u