April 2024 DM: Week 4

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April 2024 DM: Week 4

(always feel free to diverge, interpret broadly or skip prompts as your creative process demands)

I love a kit with a lot of variety in the elements. I think an important thing to consider when making elements is that a wide variety of textures are included.

Apr 20 - 2 stitching or string
Apr 21 - 3 blank labels or tags
Apr 22- 2 pieces of ephemera or paper scraps
Apr 23 - 2 something fun
Apr 24 - 2 word art in circles
Apr 25- 2 word art in labels
Apr 26 - 2 word art other

Share below your progress, finished designs and of course any questions!

how can I bring more textures and styles into photoshop?

I have a tutorial here for adding styles to Photoshop.

wow wow - thanks a lot smiley
a new question: is there some different between label and tag?

22 word art other or 2?

Hi, I know this is not the place to post this, but I am getting no response to my emails sent 5 different times about a billing issue. Can you please respond so I can get this paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not want my account closed. I have updated the payment method twice, even though I know the cards are good and nothing seems to be getting resolved. I pay for my purchases. This needs to be addressed at Digital Scrapbook, but I am getting no responses from the emails I have sent regarding this matter. Maybe I can get a response this way. Please help so I can get this paid!!!! Thank you.

I think I got this right.
I used an old kit I made and added.
Was not sure about fun.
Download link at drop box.

@Pirkko: I'm not really sure there's an exact difference between a label and a tag. I think of a label as a small rectangle, a tag can be really any size. But it's not exact.

@Orchid: You should have an email.

Amazing elements everyone else!

ok, that helps me a lot smiley

Love your preview, Emerald.

Thank you, Debbie!

My results for week 4

So, what next.. the bundle maybe ? smiley

It’s looking good Pirkko!

I have continued working on my kit, but I have put enough time into it for now, so I wanted to share my final preview as I have been collecting in the same document. I was afraid to use all the colors in the blog train palette and now I wish I had done the whole rainbow. I pulled it in a couple of pieces and I think it makes a good contrast. I will try to share in the Commons as time allows. Now that I got my Level 2 promotion I can upload more! All in all I'm happy with how it turned out. I used a lot of CU items to help me out, but tried to make it my own. Yay!

DM_FiestaKitPreview_BB by Bethany Burgess, on Flickr

Bethany, this is simply beautiful! You did an amazing job with it! I love it!

I like your flagribbon very much. Have you thought about putting some of the elements you made on the commons for download? They look really nice smiley

Thanks, Lisel and Pirkko. I'm working putting these in the Commons soon! I have been working on it, but things come up around my home at the last minute often.

Looks amazing Bethany!

It took me a while to finish (and I didn't follow all the prompts, but alas... Here it is:)

Awesome Cintia!

Tomorrow I'm going to redo/condense the previews and upload everything to the Commons. Thanks so much for the challenge. I found it much easier to create a full kit with all the prompts.