Why Would a Designer Discontinue a Bundle/Set?

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Why Would a Designer Discontinue a Bundle/Set?

I'm thinking that there is no possibility for a product shortage since the item is already made. So why would a designer choose to make that product unavailable?

I'm curious because I just saw a great layout in the gallery and went to look at the products she used only to find they're not listed any longer.

Maybe it wasn't selling? Maybe she/he had limited download space? or figured it was just outdated, no longer relevant? Maybe they felt they have grown in their abilities as a designer and didn't want what they might now consider subpar work in their store?
Just some guesses I'm throwing out there as I'm NOT a designer and I can't draw stick people... LoL so I'm just spit-balling ideas of maybe why?

It's something I personally have wondered about as well. I have designs on this site going all the way back to my beginnings as a designer. And while they don't reflect my current designs habits, I think they are still well loved by people.

Thanks for your responses, ladies. I understand what you're saying, Shawna and those ideas *do* make sense. This product was still cute and was available 2 years ago.

Who knows, maybe she'll re-release it sometime in the future. Maybe her goal is to keep her designs "fresh" in the scrapper's minds. Who knows...

In some cases, it is a temporary situation. I have encountered such a situation where a kit mentioned somewhere was no longer available. I contacted the designer who was explaining she was moving her blog and was just not finished rebranding/reloading her kits (they were freebies). She opted to make that one kit available next so I could get it.

So, why not contact the designer directly? Maybe it is no longer available due to server space or others, but she might be able to send it to you anyways.

It was on The-Lilypad. I'm guessing space wasn't the issue. I suppose I could try.

The Lilypad has retirement sales... So a lot of old kits are no longer available. Also when a designer leaves, her/his store closes. Maybe the designer changed to another store? Sometimes you can find out in the anouncement pad (at TLP)

Thank you, Patricia.

Well I do know that a lot of commercial use resources say specifically that you are only allowed 5,000 {or some number like this} sales and/or downloads. If a designer was using a resource like this in their product, and reached that threshold, then I imagine they would have to retire the product to meet the terms of the license.

Also I believe some stores make it mandatory to retire products, tho I do not know about Lily Pad's terms in that regard. With that said fresh content usually gets the most sales. Stores know this so they make the most use of the space they have to share with the designers they bring on.

That totally makes sense, Jessica. Thank you!

There is also a scarcity marketing ploy possibly at play. Physical products are replaced constantly but digital products can just live on and on. But that can effect sales...If I know I can buy something at some later point, I may put it off and then forget about it. If I know a store will retire products regularly, I'll buy the items I like now so I don't miss out.

That makes sense too, Jen. Thanks.

Thank you for asking this, as it's something I've frequently wondered about (and been occasionally frustrated by!!). It is also really sad when a designer passes away and all of a sudden you can't get any of their kits. There are a few that I'm aware of that I would just LOVE an opportunity to get more of their stuff, whether a store offers to sell it and give the proceeds to the family or as giveaways if the family really couldn't care less what happens with it.

I appreciate those of you who are designers chiming in with your thoughts here, as they do make sense.

Nona, I hadn't thought about a designer passing away, but what you've described makes complete sense. And I agree with you, it would be nice to still be able to purchase those items.

I'm glad I'm nosing around. I had never heard of thelilypad until now, never know what you'll learn

I'm so glad I found this tread since this is one thing I too have been thinking about.
Also I have a huge bundel of items downloaded and there is no information in any of the kits whereas the items are PU or CU.
So I will treat them as PU cause I don't want to upset anyone. But it is a bit sad since the kits are so beautiful. / Linda