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Yes I am interested in any updates people have too! I've been using, which is fine as far as ads go but I think it's a bit confusing for people who are downloading.

I have Dropbox and have been going through deleting stuff in order to make room to use it but I guess the bandwidth thing is a problem?

I've never had a problem with Google drive; I use it anyways, so it just worked out well for me.

Hi Marisa, thank you so much for yet another generous step!
I sent you a link with my part of the April blogtrain.
Edit: There seems to be a problem with the form, mine is not going all the way through. Instead it is stuck in a sending screen. What should I do?


@Cintia: You can try emailing it to [email protected]

Ok, thank you again Marisa!

@Marisa, I have a question regarding your offer of blog train hosting. If you we use your service, will non subscribers be able to access my contribution? (I nkow if Ipost it in the commons, nonsubscribers can only download individual items).

For other designers who've done past blog trains, can a free Dropbox or Google drive account cope with the number of downloads you get? (I don't have a blog or any paid hosting services.) Are there any free services you can recommend? (I don't know how often I'l be participating in future blog trains so I'd prefer not to pay, at least now.)

Anne- I use my google drive for my free portion, and have never had any issues! I do have to erase it from the drive each month or it can get too full, but other than that it is all good. HTH! smiley

Thank you Rachel, I think I'll use Google Drive, it seems fairly straightforward.

@Anne: Yes, it can be downloaded by anyone. I'll just give you a direct download link.

Thank you for the reply Marisa. That's good to know.

thank you for the tips