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I've been a bit stressed and uninspired, but I got myself through this one. I've always wanted to make a nautical kit.

@Trish---I'm loving that sandy word art!

@Bourico Love that crab ~ such a summery looking kit.
@Dagi ~ So nice to see you here! smiley
@Meagan ~ Oh I hope you can I would love to see your pocket cards! I love pocket cards too. And thank you for your sweet comment! smiley
@Amanda ~ Thanks! And I really love the nautical theme you went with.
@Rachel ~ Looking forward to it.
@Trish ~ So sorry to hear you have been stressed smiley You still did an amazing looking kit!

Looking forward to July everyone! smiley

Trish: Gorgeous!

Totally forgot to post my preview. Also has 4 dex cards still working on (Crazy month!)
On my Bible Journal Love blog July 1.

LOVE everyone's submissions this month. Super terrific!

I love your Taste of Summer Jessica! Super cherry!


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