Evenly Spacing Elements

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Evenly Spacing Elements

If you have three elements that you'd like to like up and space evenly, it's easy! You just need to use the move tool.

If you have the move tool selected (V) these tremendous options will show up on top:

By using these different align options you can get anything where you want it to be. If I select the element layer and the background and click on "Align Top Edges," everything will touch the top.

If I want my element to be in the exact center, just use these two:

Now, I've duplicated my element and I want to line them up evenly on the vertical. Select all the elements you want to line up (and not the background):

Click this option to align them together on the vertical:

And this option to evenly space them:

There are so many aligning possibilities! Play around with the different options and see what happens.

Thanks... I needed to see this!!!

You just made my life so much easier.

Great tip. Thank you.

Oooooooooh, thank you. I needed those buttons pointed out to me! The possibilities they present are positively exciting!

Thanks for the tips. It lead me to youtube for some additional video tips for using PSE and those features.

Random question, do you know how to align things diagonally? I'm not sure if that makes sense or not. If you had a horizontal repeating pattern, but don't want them to align vertically. How can you ensure that they're evenly spaced on a diagonal?

Marisa, thank you so much. I had seen this somewhere but I could not find it. This will be really helpful!

Thank you!!

You've taken something I've struggled with and made it incredibly simple. Thanks sooooo much! smiley

Wow! I've never used the align buttons before; now I know what I can do with them. Thanks!

Wow! I was using my eyeballs to space everything, so this will be so handy!

Thank you so much. I really needed this one.

Thank you! I so needed this!

These aligning features are one of my favorites! Once I figured out how to use them
correctly...they were a Huge time saver! This tut will be a big help to many I'm sure.

Thanks again for sharing such a wonderful tutorial with everyone! smiley

I almost always align things by eye. This will help a lot with accuracy. Thank you.

I can hardly wait to use this!! I am very anal and you just made my life a whole lot easier!! smiley

Good to know, thank you! smiley

Mind = Blown.
Thanks for this! It's amazing!

This feature must be new to PSE 11. Thanks for helping me find them.

That is a nice tip. I never knew what those buttons really can do.

Thank you, I usually just do it by sight this will make it so much easier

Totally needed this yesterday. Thanks for sharing!

That was fantastic, thank you so very much for this

Great tip smiley

I figured there must be a way to get them even!! Thanks


Thanks a lot for this tutorial. It's so useful. How come when I use a lot of alphas ,distributing it horizontally won't work. They are just well aligned?

If the letters aren't all the same width, they won't get evenly spaced. It's only exact for items that are exactly the same size.

Who would a thunk it was that easy! Thank you so much!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!