How to Tag a Layout with the Kit Tag

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How to Tag a Layout with the Kit Tag

If you upload a layout to the gallery that uses many assets from one kit, it's nice to tag it with that kit's specific tag so it will show up in the tag cloud.

These layouts have all been tagged with the kit tag "boo! halloween kit 2012"


Doing this is easy and simply a matter of finding the kit tag that you want to use. You can either navigate to an asset page that belongs to the kit you used:

Or find the kit you used on the kits page. Click on the "Assets & Layout Inspiration" and this will take you directly to the tag cloud and you can see the tag right at the top.

Once you know the kit tag, when you are uploading your layout, just starting typing it in the tag field. As long as you start at the beginning and use the correct spelling, options will show up below and you can select the right one.

If everyone uses the same tag, then we will have a great resource of inspiration for all the kits on this site!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks. It is good to know how to do this.

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