Making a Checked or Gingham Pattern, video

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Making a Checked or Gingham Pattern, video

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a checked or gingham pattern in Photoshop.

First, make your canvas the size of the check you want. I'm going to make this one a half inch, which is rather large.

Make a new layer and fill it with any color.

Now we want to edit the Canvas size and double the size. Be sure to increase the canvas size from the top left corner.

Duplicate the colored square and move it to the bottom right corner using the align tools.

Now you have your checked pattern. Turn the background layer off and set as a pattern (Edit->Define Pattern)

Open a new canvas in whatever size you want to make your pattern. I'm going to do 12x12 inches. With the paint bucket fill with your new pattern.

Thank you, these tutorials make it so easy to try new things.

Thanks so much for sharing these tutorials! I'm still learning a lot. Your videos are super helpful!

You explain things so beautifully. Thank you.

This is SUPER. The only thing to make these tuts even better would be a PDF file to download and keep for reference. Thanks so much.

Thank you for the videos, they are helpful.

תודה רבה, ברור וקל

I thought I'd have to make each little square and fill it! Thank you for this!