Photoshop Patterns: Diagonal Stripes, video

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Photoshop Patterns: Diagonal Stripes, video

In this tutorial I'll show you how to make a diagonal stripe pattern.

First, make your stripe pattern. Make a rectangle the width of the stripe you want and then go to Edit -> Define Pattern.

Next, make your Photoshop canvas 20x20 inches.

On a new layer fill with the pattern you made.

Using ctrl+t on your keyboard, rotate the lines until you have the tilt you want.

Crop the canvas back to 12x12 inches.

Very nice, Marisa! Thank you.

SO clever I would have done one line and copied and pasted. Thanks for this.

Oh! I can't wait to try this!!!!

Thanks for the tutorial, that is very awesome I can not wait till my son goes back to school and the hubby back to work so I can have some free time. All I seem to do is run run and run more. So when it calms I have lots to do do do xoxoxo. Leann