Using a Brad Template

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Using a Brad Template

Pretty much all the brad templates on this site follow the same make up. There is a background layer, an "edge" layer (often metal) and then the plastic layer. When using the brad yourself, you can alter any layer, but mostly you'll want to work with the background layer.

You can lock the layer and use the paint bucket to change the color.

You can clip on a paper.

You can add an element.

What else do you do to your brad templates?

smiley Very nice, thanks for the tips!

Thanks for the tips on how to use the brads. I have been collecting them. I like putting glitter paper on them.

Thank you for that, handy to know smiley

Thank you smiley

Thanks for the tips, Marisa. I just love your brad templates. They are such fun to play around with and give stunning results. The possibilities for embellishing them are endless!


Thanks for the tips.

Thank for the tip Marisa!!

That's very helpful! thanks

Thanks for the tip. I love all the brad templates too.

Thanks for the pointers. smiley

Thank you. I look forward to using the brad templates now.

Thank you for the tutorial. I absolutely love these little doo-dads!

thank you..

Thanks for the tut!

I haven't downloaded any brad templates because I wasn't sure what to do with them. Now I know and will be collecting some of them and start to use them. Thank you for the tips.

Thanks!! lovely fun to do

So glad I found this site it was on an accident but landed here must of been God sent!

I still get so lost in photoshop because I am so used to Paintshop Pro or PSP. I wish more of the tutorials for using assets were in PSP.

Thank you for this smiley

muchas gracias por tus tips

Thanks for the tips!!

Thank you for the tips smiley

How did you create the "glass" layer on top?

@Karen: You can get a basic idea for making plastic/glass here.

Thank you so much, this was useful smiley

Thank you for the tutorial Marisa smiley

Thank you for this tut!

Thank you

Thanks smiley