Using the "Stroke Path" Method in Photoshop

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Using the "Stroke Path" Method in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to repeat your brush shape around a shape.

First, on a new layer I've made a simple rectangle using the shape tool.

Next, in the brush settings (Window->Brush Settings) I've chosen a round brush and set the spacing to 120%.

Select the rectangle using the magic wand, then create a new layer.

Choose the "path" window and at the bottom click the "make work path from selection" icon.

Now right click on the newly created path and choose "stroke path".

Choose "brush" which will use the settings we set up with the brush earlier.

Back on the layers panel you can see we now have a repeating circle on the previously empty layer.

Thank you so much!

thank you! this is so helpful!

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I created actions that did this for various shapes. Since then, I forgot how to do it. Thank you for the refresher!

Great idea smiley Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the tutorial! It is very helpful!

Nice & easy is right. thank you.