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Sorting, Schmorting

I could cry; I really could!

I have started 2024 with the intention of sorting and reorganising my computer files. That's all my design files; the designs I have completed, the designs I am working on, the designs I want to do. Along with that, all of my designer resources, including all the element templates, paper templates, paper textures and paper overlays I have made myself. Plus everything I've purchased or otherwise downloaded from the internet.

I just want to be able to find what I need, with a minimum of fuss. Is that too much to ask?

Apparently it is! I have so many files and folders, all over the place. Copies upon copies of files, all in different folders. Not to mention the 8 (yes, eight!) EHDs!

(And don't mention all the regular, non-designing files.)

It's so overwhelming...

I could cry...

Understood. Although I doubt I have anywhere near what you have. But I figure that I curated all these collections and I do not want to get rid of them. One thing I do is use a kit a couple of times and then archive it by transferring it to my EHD. It is only one, but it is big and should last me for what I do. That it what I like about the IPad as well is that I can search and usually find what I need because each item is given a title that helps me find something easily.

I have not found any way to sort things that is not a giant pain or that makes sense. I just download stuff as I need it from here. If it's not on here, then I don't use it in my design process because I can't keep track of it.

Maybe AI will soon help us too?

I would like to collect my kit collection not only by forums/shops and year, but also by color (I collect twice, after the traumatic experience of an external graphics drive crash).
I also collect items by individual parts, usually in combination

But I still have a good memory of where to find which designer. But I see I need to take a break from buying and maybe delete kits permanently if I've already used them twice.

How about you take it one EHD at a time? Like Marisa I don’t organise except Adobe files (pat etc) and projects. For those I have a folder each with subs that have the assests and results.

Yes! I know exactly what you mean and are going through! I too have too many EHDs - 7! And it's all becoming a little too overwhelming...I don't want to delete anything in case I may need to use it in some project or I convince myself that that's the reason!
I have downloads named by months and years, sorted into different folders. And I hate searching for that one particular item that I feel I need desperately or that looks just right so it takes me a while to create anything.
It's a brave person who can delete kits after using them once or twice but the very thought of deleting any of my collections gathered over years just makes me shudder!!
Whenever I persuade myself to organize my files, I end up getting fed up and giving up after an hour or so...but I will persevere...every now and organize my files!

Hi Chitra,

as a post-war child, I also know the feeling of "picking it up, you might need it again" and even if it cost money anyway.
But after a spiritual experience of letting go and the feeling of liberation that followed, I realized that you also have to learn to let go in order to make room for something new, whether spiritual or material.

This is important for development. Sometimes, when I don't have any inspiration, I just go through my old kits from before 2010 that I've used before and see if I still like them, if not, I look for an element that I still like I like that I can still fit the individual parts (of course with the corresponding TOU) then I'm happy that there's space on the HD again and I've saved the best part of the kit, then deleting it doesn't hurt so much anymore smiley

Hi Doska,
I get what you are's just that letting go is sooo hard! smiley But I know if I can get myself to 'let go' and get rid of files I no longer need or 'out of fashion', I'd have more space for newer goodies...! smiley smiley

Looks like I'm not the only one!!!

So glad to know its not just me!!! I got a hard drive to keep a lot of mine on, as I am bad to load up the computer and leave my files there, in case I need them. I try to put in folders by category but wish I had them in subfiles by color. Seems when I work in my craft room, I am forever trying to find a way to simplify but have so much "stuff" . I make cards mostly.

One way to get an overview is to save the previews in one folder.
Then you can see them all at once and have your selection from there.

I also have loads of supplies for my digiscrap and have been saving for years and still saving smiley
Ever since I began I have been using ACDSee and I love it! I can find my stuff right away. I can tag everything for my own need and that is great. I highly recommend that program smiley

It looks like there are different programs on the ACDSee website; could you share which one you use? I'm very intrigued. I love the idea of having one central place to put all my scrapbook supplies, although I'm afraid I'd overwhelm the program withe the sheer number of files!

I am using ACDSee Photo Studio Home. We scrapbookers use it differently I've heard but it's great to organize your supplies and you can tag how much you like. Always back up and you are fine incase the program crashes.

Thanks, Suzanne. I'll look into that!

I hope you will find it as great as I do smiley Good luck!

I organize my files based on the kit, which includes subfolders that feature a preview of each section. But even then, it's overwhelming and you don't always get that preview photo! I don't like that I have to dig into each subfolder to find what I'm looking for. Lots of time is wasted that way! I've heard you can tag everything, but I need visuals.

I do like the idea of not keeping kits (but I'm not ready to delete them all yet). I'm considering my next organizing approach will be with Pinterest. I'm hoping I can create a folder with sections to organize the items specifically and get a better visual of how the overall design will look. In turn, find the item faster, download it as needed, and delete it afterward. Fingers crossed!

If any of you have read by other forum thread (the title starts with R.I.P. My Laptop, you will know that I am currently computer-less, so my sorting has come to a complete stop. New one coming, but it’ll be a little while yet! On the plus side, I’ve been getting more crocheting done!