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Hello! Newbie Here

Hi there!

My name is Lisa and I am brand new to this community as well new to digital scrapbooking. I scrapbooked the old-fashioned way with paper when my kids were very young and then fell away from it for a while with kids schedules, work, and everything else! I am just now getting back into it, but in a digital format. I have so many paper scrapbooking supplies tucked away, but the thought of taking everything out and then having to put it all back again made me very interested in scrapbooking digitally. That idea of being able to do it anywhere just seems so much easier! I joined here to learn from others more experienced than myself, as well as get some inspiration. And if I make some friends along the way, that’s even better!

I am looking forward to learning and getting to know all these creative minds!

P.S. I am using Procreate and teaching myself by watching endless tutorials and basically just practicing. If anyone has any tips and tricks, I would love to hear

Welcome Lisa! Thanks for saying hi. Are you making scrapbooking layouts in Procreate? I use procreate for drawing, but not for scrapbooking. On the iPad I like to use the Photoshop app for scrapbooking.

Yes I am making my pages using Procreate. I chose Procreate because I wanted to draw on my pages and learn to add more artistic flair but I didn’t want to pay a subscription for photoshop. I liked the 12.99 one time fee and honestly PS looks really hard! Although I am finding with Procreate the learning curve is pretty steep too, at least for me. I have found a lot of tutorials though and am having fun experimenting!

So glad you found us! Welcome!

Sounds fun Lisa! Drawing right on the pages sounds like a fun addition to making a layout.

I'm also new to this site, but not new to digi. Welcome!