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Classy Mini
"Thank you! Love the foliage elements."
Classy Bundle
"Thank you! This is perfect for my ancestry pages."
Paper Templates #10
"Lovely, thank you!"
Paper Templates #8
"Thanks bunches!"
Garden Notes Bundle
"Fun! Thanks!"
Botanical Sketches No. 1 Leaves
"Thank you for all the options!"
Flora Quick Pages Kit
"Wow, fun and bright! Thanks!"
Birdhouse in My Soul Quick Pages Kit
"Thanks, very pretty! "
The Good Life: June Quick Pages Kit #2
"Thank you so much! Lovely!"
The Good Life: June 2020 Quick Pages Kit
"Thank you! These are beautiful!"
July Bundle
"Love the word art, thanks!"
Party It's Your Birthday
"Fun example, thanks!"
Birthday Scavenger Hunt - MK
"Great example, thanks!"
March 2021, week 4
"Thanks for the great layout!"
Bay Area FH
"Super, thanks!"
Make A Wish Stamps Kit
Make A Wish Bundle
"What a bright, fun kit! Thank you!"
Pearl: Elements
"Love the colors, thanks!"
Selfie Queen
"Cute! Thanks!"
*this photo*
"Adorable! Thanks!"
Backyard Summer Bundle
"Gorgeous, thanks!"
"Gorgeous layout! Thanks!"
Cascades du Hérisson
"Fabulous! Thanks!"
Relax poulettes
"Simple is often beautiful! Thanks!"
Paper Templates Kit #256
"Love the balloons! Thanks!"
Paint Brushes No.22
"Thank you!"
Quick Pages 03
"Thanks bunches!"
Serenella: Bundle
"Lovely! Thanks!"
The Good Life: May 2019 Quick Pages Kit
"Lovely, thank you!"
The good life May 2019
"Sweet, thank you!"
"Lovely, thanks for posting!"
SPRING unlocks a riot of COLORS!
"Love your title! Thanks!"
Quick Pages 01
"These are fabulous! Thanks you!"
Paper Templates Kit #253
Collage Kit #2
"Fun! Thanks!"
Jessamine Juliet Bundle
"Such a bright, fun bundle! Thanks!"
Mulberry Bush Bundle
"Fun papers, thanks!"
All Smiles
"Very nice! Thanks."
"So cute! Thanks for posting."
Wonderful day (Mulberry Bush)
"Love the use of the plaid! Thanks!"
Bee 3
"Love the border! Thanks!"
Chipboard Textures
"Thanks bunches!"
All The Princesses Quick Pages Kit
"So lovely, thanks!"
"Gorgeous, thanks! "
KMRD-Monochromatic Navy
"I love these kinds of kits with go-to colors...."
KMRD-Too Many Leaves
"I'm looking forward to checking out all your..."
KMRD-Yardwork Time
"Very cute! Thanks! "
KMRD-Save the Hooters
"Cute elements! Thanks!"
KMRD-Lets Go Fly a Kite
"Love the pretty spring colors! Thanks!"
Birthday Bash Mini Kit
"The candle elements are wonderful! Thanks!"
"Pretty blue, thanks!"
KMRD-Simple Smiles
"It's so nice to find a neutral kit once in..."
Rainbow Promises Mini Kit
"The best promise of all!! Thanks!"
KMRD-Apple Cider
"This is yummy!! Thanks you!"
KMRD-English Garden
"Lovely, thank you!"
KMRD-Country Summer Breeze
"I'm now a fan of yours!! Thanks!"
KMRD-The Great White North
"Thank you!!"
KMRD-My Messy Desk Add-On
"Thanks bunches!"
KMRD-My Messy Workbench
"This is fabulous, thank you! Can you tell, I..."
KMRD-My Messy Desk
"Yep, for 49 years of teaching I had a desk..."
"Love this soooo much!! Thank you!"
KMRD - Little Red Wagon
"You now have your own folder in my designer..."
KMRD - Little Rascals Extra
"You're the best, thank you!"
KMRD - Little Rascals
"This bundle is the best, thanks!"
Vintage Nature
"Lovely, thank you!"
"Whoo-hoo, great layout!"
Heading South ... (eminkus)
"Wow, thank you for posting this lovely page."
Family Vaca 2016
"Great layout! Thanks for posting."
KMRD-Spicy Chili
"Too cute, love your work! Thanks!"
KMRD-Friday Night Drive-In
"I'm glad I found your kits! You're amazing!..."
KMRD-Want to Play a Game
"What a fun kit! I always love playing games..."
KMRD-Want to Play a Game-Add-on
"Wow, great add-on! Thanks!"
KMRD-Fish Tails
"You are the BOMB! I'm completely smitten with..."
KMRD-Boozy Vodka-Kit
"I don't drink, but love the colors! Thanks!"
KMRD-Never Forget-Kit
"Wow-ee, love it! Thanks!"
KMRD-All Aboard-Kit
"My life is full of boys, thank you for this..."
Adoption Adventures Bundle
"Gorgeous color scheme! Thank you!"
"Striking colors! Thank you!"
House Honors Bundle
"What a creative idea!s Thank you!"
"Thanks so much!"
It's Springtime again
"Thanks for the examples, lovely!"
KMRD-In Daddys Shoes-Kit
"So fun for the photos with kids in Daddy's..."
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Marty Rowe
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  1. Classy Mini
  2. Classy Bundle
  3. Classy Solid Papers
  4. Classy Plaid Papers
  5. Classy Papers
  6. Classy Elements
  7. Classy Clusters
  8. Classy Journal Cards
  9. The Good Life: July 2021 Bundle
  10. The Good Life: July 2021 Elements Kit
  11. The Good Life: July 2021 Labels Kit
  12. The Good Life: July 2021 Mini Kit
  13. The Good Life: July 2021 Tags & Stickers Kit
  14. My Everyday: July 2021 Mini
  15. The Good Life: July 2021 Stamps Kit
  16. The Good Life: July 2021 Watercolor Flowers Kit
  17. The Good Life: July 2021 Journal Me Kit
  18. The Good Life: July 2021 Papers Kit
  19. My Everyday: July 2021 Enamel & Wood
  20. My Everyday: July 2021 Flowers
  21. My Everyday: July 2021 Frames
  22. My Everyday: July 2021 Pattern Papers
  23. My Everyday: July 2021 Plaid Papers
  24. My Everyday: July 2021 Solid Papers
  25. My Everyday: July 2021 Tags
  26. My Everyday: July 2021 Washi Tape
  27. My Everyday: July 2021 Words
  28. Cup Of Tea - Solid Papers
  29. Paper Templates #10
  30. Paper Templates #8
  31. Garden Notes Bundle
  32. Garden Notes Solid Papers
  33. Garden Notes Plaid Papers
  34. Garden Notes Papers
  35. Garden Notes Clusters
  36. Garden Notes Elements
  37. Maire
  38. Maire: Elements
  39. Maire: Flairs
  40. Maire: Frames
  41. Maire: Patterns
  42. Maire: Templates
  43. Maire: Wordart
  44. Botanical Sketches No. 1 Leaves
  45. Flora Quick Pages Kit
  46. Birdhouse in My Soul Quick Pages Kit
  47. The Good Life: June 2019 Quick Pages Kit
  48. Spring Fever Quick Pages Kit
  49. The Good Life: June Quick Pages Kit #2
  50. The Good Life: June 2020 Quick Pages Kit
  51. July Bundle
  52. July Papers
  53. July Words
  54. Layout Templates Kit #73
  55. Layout Templates Kit #72
  56. Make A Wish Stamps Kit
  57. Make A Wish Bundle
  58. Make A Wish Elements Kit
  59. Make A Wish Stamps - Today I Am Kit
  60. Make A Wish Journal Me Kit
  61. Make A Wish Papers Kit
  62. Make a Wish Elements
  63. Make a Wish Papers
  64. Pearl: Bundle
  65. Pearl: Elements
  66. Pearl: Patterns
  67. Pearl: Solids
  68. Pearl: Templates
  69. Pearl: Quick Pages
  70. Backyard Summer Bundle
  71. Backyard Summer Solid Papers
  72. Backyard Summer Plaid Papers
  73. Backyard Summer Elements
  74. Backyard Summer Papers
  75. Backyard Summer Clusters
  76. Paper Templates Kit #256
  77. Paint Brushes No.22
  78. Quick Pages 03
  79. Garden Party Bundle
  80. Serenella: Bundle
  81. Serenella: Elements
  82. Serenella: Papers
  83. Shabby Chic Bundle
  84. Shabby Chic Solid Papers
  85. Shabby Chic Extra Papers
  86. Shabby Chic Papers
  87. Shabby Chic Elements
  88. Shabby Chic Plaid Papers
  89. Shabby Chic Clusters
  90. Shabby Chic Layout Templates
  91. The Good Life: May 2019 Quick Pages Kit
  92. Mom's Home - Bundle
  93. Mom's Home - Elements
  94. Mom's Home - Patterned Papers
  95. Mom's Home - Tags
  96. Mom's Home - Solid Papers
  97. Quick Pages 01
  98. Paper Templates Kit #253
  99. Collage Kit #2
  100. Jessamine Juliet Bundle
  101. Jessamine Juliet: Sequins & Paint
  102. Jessamine Juliet: Solids
  103. Jessamine Juliet: Elements
  104. Jessamine Juliet: Patterns
  105. Mulberry Bush Bundle
  106. Mulberry Bush Solid Papers
  107. Mulberry Bush Plaid Papers
  108. Mulberry Bush Papers
  109. Mulberry Bush Extra Papers
  110. Mulberry Bush Elements
  111. Mulberry Bush Clusters
  112. Mulberry Bush Layout Templates
  113. Chipboard Textures
  114. All The Princesses Quick Pages Kit
  115. KMRD-Patriotic
  116. KMRD-Patriotic Papers 1
  117. KMRD-Patriotic Papers 2
  118. KMRD-Patriotic Elements 1
  119. KMRD-Patriotic Elements 2
  120. KMRD-Patriotic Flowers
  121. KMRD-Monochromatic Navy
  122. KMRD-Too Many Leaves
  123. KMRD-Yardwork Time
  124. KMRD-Save the Hooters
  125. KMRD-Lets Go Fly a Kite
  126. Birthday Bash Mini Kit
  127. KMRD-Wedgwood
  128. KMRD-Simple Smiles
  129. Rainbow Promises Mini Kit
  130. KMRD-Apple Cider
  131. KMRD-English Garden
  132. KMRD-Country Summer Breeze
  133. KMRD-The Great White North
  134. KMRD-My Messy Workbench
  135. KMRD-My Messy Desk Add-On
  136. KMRD-My Messy Desk-elements
  137. KMRD-My Messy Desk
  138. KMRD-My Messy Desk-papers
  139. KMRD-Steampunk
  140. KMRD-Steampunk Daterings
  141. KMRD-Steampunk Alphas
  142. KMRD-Steampunk Elements
  143. KMRD-Steampunk Papers
  144. KMRD-Steampunk Specials
  145. KMRD - Little Red Wagon
  146. KMRD - Silent Picture Show
  147. KMRD - Little Rascals
  148. KMRD - Little Rascals Papers
  149. KMRD - Little Rascals Elements
  150. KMRD - Little Rascals Extra
  151. Vintage Nature
  152. KMRD-Spicy Chili
  153. KMRD-Friday Night Drive-In
  154. KMRD-Want to Play a Game
  155. KMRD-Want to Play a Game-Add-on
  156. KMRD-Fish Tails
  157. KMRD-Boozy Vodka-Kit
  158. KMRD-Never Forget-Kit
  159. KMRD-All Aboard-Kit
  160. Adoption Adventures - Extra Papers Kit
  161. Adoption Adventures Bundle
  162. Adoption Adventures - Foster Adoption Kit
  163. Adoption Adventures - Domestic Adoption Kit
  164. Adoption Adventures - International Adoption Kit
  165. Adoption Adventures - Photo overlays and Word Art Kit
  166. Adoption Adventures - Word Strip Kit
  167. Adoption Adventures - Solid Paper Kit
  168. LRicePeacockKit
  169. House Honors Bundle
  170. House Honors Paper Kit
  171. House Honors Patterned Paper Kit
  172. House Honors Elements Kit
  173. House Honors journal Card Kit
  174. @Sas_Templates_It'sSpringtime
  175. KMRD-In Daddys Shoes-Kit
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Marty Rowe
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The good life June 2021
"Nice! Thank you!"
"Thanks for the ideas!"
TGL June 2021 - This Cute Face
"Thanks for the ideas!"
Mom and Kennedy
"Thanks for the ideas!"
christmas porridge - MK
"Thanks for the ideas!"
Backyard Summer Mini Kit
"Fun, thank you!"
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Marty Rowe
Marty Rowe downloaded 14 items.
  1. The Good Life: June 2021 Bundle
  2. The Good Life: June 2021 Elements Kit
  3. The Good Life: June 2021 Mini Kit Kit
  4. The Good Life: June 2021 Labels Kit
  5. The Good Life: June 2021 Tags & Stickers Kit
  6. The Good Life: June 2021 Stamps Kit
  7. The Good Life: June 2021 Papers Kit
  8. The Good Life: June 2021 Mixed Media Papers Kit
  9. June 2021 Blog Train
  10. Natalia: Elements
  11. Natalia: Frames
  12. Natalia: Months
  13. Natalia: Wordart
  14. Backyard Summer Mini Kit
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