Clustering (resources)

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Clustering (resources)

We're been having some discussion about clustering, and while I haven't gotten into that much myself, here are some good tutorials. If you've seen a different tutorial you think is good, please leave a comment.

Creative Clustering 1 from Design House Digital
Creative Clustering 2 from Design House Digital
Creative Clustering 3 from Design House Digital
Creative Clustering 4 from Design House Digital

I totally envy the clustering ability of others!!!! Definitely working on clustering skills because I love the look so much!!!

I agree with you, Christy! I am working on my Clustering - I love the technique, and love what some people are doing. Thanks for the links, Marisa!

Thanks for pointing this out to us! I generally like a more streamlined look, but I am always wowed by some of these cluster pages!

I like the 'light' cluster look, not too many elements.

That was really interesting. I get nervous when it comes to clusters but with this technique I feel I can do better.

@ Liz: Same here

This is exactly what I need to work on. When I see all the awesome clusters people make, I feel I'll never get there but after seeing one of the tutorials, I think I can start practicing some more.

I really wish I could do some good clustering... thanks for sharing these articles!!

GREAT! i been wanting to learn to cluster!

Thanks for these links. I'm looking forward to playing around and clusters to my creations. I also learned more about shadows through these links.

Thank you for these links. Clustering is on my todo-list for a long time

Thanks for these links! I might be able to figure it out ....

Thanks so much~

Thanks for posting these. I love clustering but I don't get it. When I try clustering, it always looks like a hot mess... ay yi yi.

Thank you for sharing the link. Its something I really wanted to learn.

Thanks you for the links. Being new to digital scrapbooking it seems like that is the majority of what I see. All of the layout ides that get posted with product and the stuff that comes in the newsletters all seem to be layouts with clustering. Probably a good thing to know.

I always have such a hard time with clustering. I never really know where to start. It gets a little overwhelming to me, but I soooo love the look of it. Thanks so much for the tutorials, it breaks it down in an easy way to understand and gives me a place to start. I will be practicing for sure:)

I'm a card-maker not a scrapbooker but this tutorial is still very helpful! I also admire how people can put 'pieces' together and make it look like a masterpiece. Love how Mye breaks this down. Thanks for sharing the links!


Thanks for sharing the links. I need to work on my clustering. My biggest problem is that I am so indecisive about things and I also tend to clutter things up by using too much. =P

Aaah clusters! Love them, but am a little scared of them smiley
Good tutorials. Thank you for sharing

Thanks for sharing the links for clustering! Definately something I want to get better at; so these will come in handy.

Thank you for posting this. its going to come in handy.

comes in handy, thank you so much!

Thank you for this! Really need to work on my clustering.

Thanks for the links. I am new to scrapbooking and need to work on my clustering. I feel I just can't do it quite right with great shadowing , another thing I need to learn. I am amazed by what some people can do.

These links no longer seem to be you know of any other clustering tutorials out there? I'm sorry I missed these smiley

Angela, Steph C has a tut on clustering at the Daily Digi site. Can't say how good it is, I bookmarked it a while ago and haven't gotten around to it yet! Couldn't get the link to post but you should be able to go to the site and find it.

Angela, I am glad they would not work for you too. I thought it was just me!

It seems like the whole site is down. Hopefully they'll get it back up soon.