Making Realistic Texture Papers

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Making Realistic Texture Papers

1. First I found my image. You can use your own texture from objects around your home, or this site has a lot of nice textures. For this tutorial I'm using this one.
2. Open the image in Photoshop. I cropped the image to be square and then changed the resolution so that it would be 3600x3600 pixels.
3. Next duplicate the background image and change it to Black & White (Image -> Adjustments -> Black & White).

4. I like to fill the background with white so I'm not distracted by the image (Edit -> Fill, or Shift+F5).

5. The next steps are where you have to experiment with your texture to get the effect you'd like. Basically, create a new layer and fill it with the color you want the texture to have. Then try using different blending modes. For this one the top color layer is set to "Overlay" at 50% and the second color layer is set to "Multiply" at 60%.

6. Using different colors and different blends, you can significantly change the feeling of the texture.

Great tutorial!!! Thanks for sharing it!!!

thank you so much for sharing this!!!

Well done tutorial! TFS

I can only repeat myself - So simple, why didn't I know this...?



Now everyone knows what to do with those "accidental" photos of floors and walls - make textures with them!

@Sunny: That's probably where the trend came from, lol smiley

Thank you! I am loving watching your tutorials. You are so generous!

Another great tutorial. Thanks Marisa!

Thanks Marisa. This was a great tutorial. I'm so glad I found this site

Thanks Marisa, it's a great and easy tuto!! smiley

Thank you! *scampers off to take pictures of couch...curtains..sheets..." ;p

Great tutorial! Thanks!

Thank you for sharing a good tutorial

great tutorial smiley

I have a dumb question. How do you change the resolution to 3600x3600 pixels? I know when you start with a "new" blank file you can do this but I can't figure out how to do it to the texture itself. Thank you!! smiley

If you go to Image -> Image Size you can change the dimensions and resolution of your image.

Thanks so much Marisa!!

Thanks so much! smiley

Really you are wise of the subject! Thank you!

Hi Marisa,

I'm trying to make papers for the blog train and I'm having a really frustrating time trying to get a good realistic texture. There must be something essential that I'm missing about this process. I've tried following your tutorial, but it's hard to tell if your paper here has "3-D" looking texture which is what I am trying to achieve. I tried using one of your overlays that looked like it might do the trick, but I can't seem to make it work at all.

For example, here is my attempt at a paper using the overlay (file name is 973_texture_overlay-01). You can see that zoomed in to 100& there's not really any more texture at all, just kind of blurriness, whereas for comparison your striped paper from a recent blog train looks fully, crisply textured. That's the look I'm trying to get, that sort of canvas-looking texture as well as the distressed paper texture (less crisp & deeply shadowed but still obviously textured) in the argyle paper at the bottom.

Any guidance you can give me would be extremely helpful. I'm also not sure how I am supposed to use the textures I find online - any time I try to blow them up to 12x12 they go all fuzzy, but most of them aren't seamless so they don't tile... This whole process has me in a tizzy! Your papers have such perfect, beautiful textures, I'd love it if you could point me in some direction to try.

I actually used an embossed style on that striped paper I believe. The one I used is in this bundle from Mommyish (cardstock styles). So it's actually a tileable texture that's been embossed which is why it stands out so much.

Using just a texture overlay probably won't give you the depth of the embossed paper. You could try duplicating the texture layer and trying different blending modes to see if you can get the texture stronger.

Hope that helps a little.

Thank you for sharing...I have been looking for something new to try.

Thanks for sharing the resource for finding textures.

Thank you! Really informative!!

Great tutorial. Thanks so much!

Very nice tutorial! Thank you!

Thanks so much smiley

Thank you so much for sharing this with us smiley

great tutorial..thanks

I would try this!!!