Using Batch Edit Photoshop

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Using Batch Edit Photoshop

Once you've learned how to make your own actions, using batch edit is what will really speed things up. Go to File -> Automate -> Batch, and the Batch window will show up. This will let you set the action to perform on either all the images open in photoshop, or an entire folder that you choose.

1. Set: choose the folder your action is in.
2. Actions: choose your action
3. Source: choose what images you want worked on. If you choose "folder" be sure to set the folder you want used.
4. Destination: choose what you want to happen after the action has been performed. You can select folder to place the changed images into a new folder, which you must set.

Hit "OK". It may take photoshop a while to run the batch.

wow! I absolutely love that! I love how much I'm learning today!

So helpful! Thank you. smiley

Wow! I create actions all the time. As I mentioned before in a post, I'm a little ocd about organizing my files and doing things quickly and efficiently. This saves tons of time.

I really appreciate your tutorials, Marisa. Thanks.

Ready to try, thanks! smiley

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for this!


thank u

Great time saving technique!

I used to think batch image processing is only possible in Adobe Lightroom but now I get to know something very helpful from here. Thank you so much for sharing the script here.


Thank you!