Using a Quick Page, video, Photoshop, PSE

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Using a Quick Page, video, Photoshop, PSE

First, open your quick page file and the image you want to use in photoshop. This tutorial will show how to use a quick page that has a transparent area. Open your quick page and photo in Photoshop. In your photo file copy the image into the quickpage file:

1. ctrl-a will select the entire image
2. ctrl-c will copy the image
3. Go to the quick page file and do ctrl-v to paste

When you paste the image it will be on top on the quick page. To adjust this, drag the image layer in the layers palette to below the quickpage

Now your image should be in the empty space left in the quickpage. To adjust the image size, be sure the image is highlighted in the layers palette, and hit ctrl-t to transform the image. This will allow you to drag the corners of the image to whatever size you would like. Hold down the shift button while dragging to maintain the proper ratio. If you want, you can add a text layer with the date or a small title. And now you are finished!

Video in Photoshop, using both a PNG and PSD quick page. (Find the quick page here.)

Video in Photoshop Elements, using both a PNG and PSD quick page. (Find the quick page here.)

Hmmm, I use drag and drop to bring the photo into quick page then move it below the page if needed (I say that as I can't remember that part, I just do it).

very helpful, thanks

easy tutorial

Another great, easy tip. Thank you!!!

This looks way easier I think maybe the free trial I downloaded may not be as easy as the one you are showing.

muy util

In case there are any Mac Users out there they will want to use the Command Key

1. command-a will select the entire image
2. command-c will copy the image
3. commandl-v to paste
4. command-t to transform the image
5.Hold down the shift button while dragging to maintain the proper ratio

I'm a Mac user. Thanks!

You are very welcome Marty Rowe, I am new to all of this so it is nice to know that I actually have something to contribute smiley

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

super easy! thanks!

Drag and drop works for me using PSE smiley I just open both the quick page and the photo I want to use. I drag the photo over to the quick page and move it to the bottom layer. I seldom use my CS5 but this would come in handy:) Thanks.

thanks for sharing

This is GREAT! And Thanks, Lynn Montes for the tips for MAC users. I'm a MAC user and just got a subscription to PS CC for Christmas, so really needing these.

Thank you for your tips. They are very helpful.


Thank you so much fo this Marisa. With your instructions by my side, I've managed to download a quick page, insert a photo into it and put some text onto it. My eldest is in the middle of her exams and leaves High School next week, so we'll be able to put together a Leaver's Year Book for her now! smiley

Helen x

I am a newbie to PSE and appreciate the easy to understand instructions smiley

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! I've been using my photo as the top layer and getting really frustrated with trying to transform it properly, but all I needed to do was move it to the bottom layer! I feel like such a dunce!

Using multiple photo pages, the pictures cross over and it shows. What should I be doing?

I actually figured out a pretty quick way...lesson learned.

thank u

Thanks for the GREAT tutorial Marisa!

But how do you do it when the quick page has multiple photo spots? One of my photos is showing in both of the photo spots that are on my quick page.

Appreciate your help!


I FINALLY figured out how to get both photos into my quick page. Silly me! It was so simple once I learned how to do it. My next question is, if I want to save my completed quick pages to upload them into a calendar that I have printed, which file format should I save them in and how big should my file be in order to print well?

Saving as JPG in high quality should be fine for printing. That's what I always do!

Thanks! Appreciate your help!

I have a question about a quick page. On a couple of the quick pages there are sequins in the square where the picture goes. These sequins are on top of the picture. Is there some way to delete these or move them outside of the picture area? Thanks!

select the sequins with one of the selection tools and delete them. Make sure you are on the right layer and not on the photo or else you will delete part of the photo.

That worked perfectly. Thanks so much!

Hi Mindy, can you share how you did that in the end?