Using Templates: Pattern Overlays, Easy Recoloring in Photoshop, video

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Is their a free photo shop full version, and where can I get It

You can try a free trial of Photoshop to see if you like it

Does anyone use Paintshop pro to recolor the templates from Pixelscrapper? I haves tried to follow the video but with my Paintshop pro, I cannot recolor the Black Boxes of a Gingham Template.

Hi Roxanne,
I use the templates all the time in PSP. I don't know which Gingham Template you mean. Are the black boxes on a single layer or are they part of a layer with other boxes? Normally you can choose between a png-file and a psd-file for download. The psd-file will have single layers so it will be easy to recolor them.

If you have a single layer you have to lock the transparency in the layer properties like Marisa did it in the video and than fill the boxes with the color of your choice.

Or you can try this way:
First create a new layer and fill this layer with the color of your choice. Now make the layer with the black boxes active again and use the magic wand tool with the match mode "color" to select the black boxes, anti-alias checked, make the new layer with the color active again and create a new layer from the selection. Now you chould have a new layer with the boxes in the color of your choice. The last step is to delete or hide the layer with the color.

I hope this helps.

This is really useful, thanks for the info.

I'm going to have to try that.

Thank you!

Many years ago I learned PS 5.0 with the classroom in a book but I have forgotten so much since then.
I am so glad to find these exellent tuts here. You are a Star Marisa!
Made several easy papers yesterday with the help of this tut and some great templates from
DSB. I'm so happy
Now I only have to creat a layout to share smiley