Using Templates: Texture Overlays, video

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Using Templates: Texture Overlays, video

This video covers 3 main ways to add texture and distressing to a digital paper using overlays from this site.

This is just so much easier than using brushes smiley

Yeah, I like to have some overlays I can just stick in instead of distressing every page I make separately with brushes.

Amazing!! Thank you so much - I have been trying to work this out for so long, you made it look so simple!

You make it look so easy. I use Paintshop Pro (PSP). I couldn't get the hang of Photoshop for some reason.

Hello! I just recently found this site and it rocks big time! These mini lessons are fantastic and I am looking forward to learning some so I can make some new patterns and textures. Thanks so much for doing this!


Wow the things you make with Photoshop are really fantastic. Bit by bit I learn more, I use Psd about 6 years and I learn still every day.

Excuse my english i'm just a dutch woman who's a great fan of your work smiley

I just think it's amazing that everyone can speak English as well as they do! I've taught English in the past, and it's not easy!

That looks so easy. I can't believe that I have never tried that before.

Super handy!

Amazing!!! I didn't have a idea it is so easy!!! Thanks.

Very helpful

Thank you so much Marisa I didnt have a clue until I saw this you make it so easy to understand:)

Thank you for sharing your helpful tips!

Another great tutorial! I'm a visual learner, so appreciate the videos.

wow look at that! It's really cool what we can do these days.

Thank you for this tutorial. Do you have one on creating patterned paper?

What a much easier and faster way to texture/distress. Thanks for the tip.

wow! just wow! didn't even know this could be done.

Thank you Marisa. This is much easier than distressing every single time.

I can't see the video... Is it me?

I ususally just use the kits and papers the way I get them....but after watching this, I'm so excited to try it. I just went on a 4 day scrap trip with friends....and did my whole 2012 book. I will have to go back now and edit some of my papers to "jazz" them up a bit. Can you do this on a photo too? I use a lot of full 12x12 photos for my pages in my books.

thank you. I've been trying to figure out overlays.

Thank you!! I love to learn something new every day!

I never thought about putting textures behind the main paper. Thanks for that tip!

Thanks so much~!

I knew the basic adding a clipping mask and setting it to overlay...but I had no idea that you could add textures anywhere else nor did I think of recoloring the texture layer to match the paper. Thanks so much for the tutorial!!

Thank you!

Thanks for the lesson.

Wow! It is a lot easier to do this than I thought! Can't wait to start learning lots of new things. I've been using Photoshop for almost 7 years now and I still keep learning. It is simply amazing what it can do! I feel I'll never stop learning. Thanks for all the great toturials; they really help!!

Your tutorials are all so fabulous Marisa! Thank you so much for sharing all your tips. Need to ask some beginner questions on this video: Would you be able to explain in more depth what you did (and why) with the 2nd & third textures. Why do you lock layers? At one point you said that you were turning something into a clipping mask?? You did a bunch of things really fast and even by watching and re-watching, I can't figure out what you did. Thanks in advance!