March 2017 CU Blog Train - Birds

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March 2017 CU Blog Train - Birds

Please post your submissions for the March commercial use blog train here.

This month's theme is BIRDS, and can be anything from barnyard animals to exotic pets, bald eagles for Americana kits, cute owls, or tweet little mascots. You can make papers, overlays, elements, or templates, but they must be accompanied by a commercial use license. Since the focus is on quality items, 1-3 pieces is a sufficient contribution for this train.

Your portion should be available on your blog starting Mar 15th until at least the end of the month.

Not good at drawing birds. Take a look at the one I made at the bottom right of my preview - Obviously I am hopeless at it. So I took vintage bird prints and made them into journal cards, with some blending and watercolors. I'll have these up on my Rush Ranch blog for download on the 15th.

Goodness Sunny that is such a cute bird you drew! Don't underestimate yourself! You truly did a fine job! And the vintage bird cards are beautiful too!

Ummm, I love that little bird you drew. Nice! Is it in the kit?

@ Susan - Yes ma'am, it is in the kit.

Those are beautiful Sunny.
Hmmm, now the 15th seems to be so far. Two days to wait and I am ahead of your time too. smiley

Sunny, just because the bird you drew isn't lifelike doesn't mean it's not cute! I'd be surprised if someone doesn't use it as an element somewhere.

Mine will be available on my blog by the 15th:

Here's my part - a simple quick page:

You can download it from HERE

I'm uploading the file a couple of days early because I won't be at my computer all day on the 14th and 15th... hope that's okay with everyone?

So cute! I did something similar.

It will be available at:

Such beautiful creations! Thank you all smiley

Mine will be available on my Antebellum Press blog Thursday March 15th.

Brenda, this is beautiful! Thank you!

You can download my part HERE

Sunny, your work is always awesome and your little bird is adorable!!

Love these, Dana! The chick is especially cute, and perfect for Easter coming up!

Thank you Sunny, Holly, Brenda, Lisa, and Jessica, and Dana. Love the Birds!

Thank you to all for the lovely birdies
...Sunny smiley ,
Jessica smiley
Brenda smiley .

I concur with Bina Greene. Every thing is absolutely wonderful. Thank ya'll. smiley

Thank you so much, all! Everything is wonderful!

i think your hand drawn bird is really cute

Absolutely beautiful smiley

Thank you

thank you girls, it's very beautiful CU, like it! smiley smiley smiley

everything here is sooooooooooooooo cute!!