Nov 2016 Blog Train - Ideas

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Nov 2016 Blog Train - Ideas

Let's do something really exciting in November. Thoughts on theme and colors?

Mandalas and Zentangle art smiley

What about a dinner party theme...could be made specific for holiday get together, or more general. someone could go in the direction of a night out even.

I have two suggestions.


Also Pantone has a good fall 2016 palette

Oh!! Beautiful colors and ideas! Here are mine (I got crazy, lol!):

1.Fairy fall:

2.November rain or November days:

3.Fall theme or Thanksgiving theme introducing American Native stuff:

4.Fall theme or Thanksgiving theme with foxes or other animals (I adore foxes!):

5.Thanksgiving theme or Market theme or Farm theme or Garden theme:

They are just ideas on my mind!!

smiley smiley smiley smiley
¡ Hermoso !

I like the dinner idea. Could work well with Thanksgiving, or more general family dinners, parties, etc.

I'd like to do a fall theme. Maybe "Fall is my Favorite Color" or "Abundant Autumn" or PUMPKIN SPICE. I'd love to have a lot of oranges and maybe a steel blue or a teal to go with it!

Marisa, the dinner idea is wonderful because I could use some of my ideas, as you said, it can work well with Thanksgiving!

About the color palettes suggested, I love the second one proposed by Erin...

Here is another pretty palette, but really think it needs a yellow/gold color

Hi everyone,
Dinner (or supper as we call it) is a nice suggestion for those of us who aren't American and don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Perhaps people who want to do so, could include Thanksgiving parts for their contribution?
I like all the colour schemes though - that dark purple and dark orange is beautiful.

Jennifer, I like your new color palette proposal, too!

Fall Feast? Autumn Dinner Party. Although, I do realize not everyone is in Fall right now...but I so love fall colors. smiley

I like all the fall colors also Erin, I just thought if it was a little more open of a palette, it might work for more people. Personally I would love to see things not only for Thanksgiving dinners, but Christmas/Holiday and even New years, besides more casual stuff for just times when friends get together! My kids are older now, and our gatherings this time of year are definitely more about the

I love Erin's first palette suggestion. The teal with those oranges/ rust colors are beautiful. I also like the "Pumpkin Spice" suggestion, but if that is too narrow of a theme, I'm fine with "Autumn Feast."

I love the idea of dinner party or family dinner for the theme! It won't be autumn in the southern hemisphere & most of the world doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving so making it a more general topic will have, I think, a broader appeal, both for designers & for PS members around the world.

As for colors, I like both of Jennifer's suggestions & Erin's second palette. All three can feel autumnal for those of us in the northern hemisphere yet can work for other seasons/occasions as well.

Something different? How about 'Life's Hobbies' (other than scrapebooking)? Come up with a basic palette and then let everyone choose one or two colors of their own to add to it.

Fall is My Favorite Color


That has my vote as what to call it smiley as for a color pallet I am sure something wonderful will come from what has been shared and will be shared.

I really like Poodle's second palette…some traditional "fall" colors along with a couple of beautiful unexpected colors!

I also like Sonia's suggested theme of "Fairy Fall". For at least the last 2 years (that I've been here at PS), we haven't done any kind of enchanted/magical theme.

I like homestead revival colors and fall is my favorite color title.

Dawn, I would LOVE to have an enchanted/magical theme! It's very different to anything we've done before. I'll have to check out my palette collection to see if anything jumps out at me, but I do like the colours in Erin's first and third palettes, and what about AUTUMN MAGIC for the theme? (Even though Australia's just gone into Spring!)

I would like to see the voting process come back (3 different palettes...3 different themes).

I like both the dinner theme and and the enchanted theme, leaning more to the enchanted one! As for colors, Erin's 3rd pallet would be great with a few additions. My birthday is in November and I love all things fall!

Patricia, my birthday is in November too! smiley Maybe that is why I love fall colors so much!

Marisa, what do you think? Could you help us to put into order all the ideas and color palettes, please? I am really willing to start!! smiley

What about Erin's first palette, with the additions of a darker teal and a rich magenta colour, plus a lighter magenta, to complement the teal already in the palette? I still like Autumn Magic, and also Kaleena's suggestion of Fall Is My Favourite Colour! A whimsical theme paired with a rich, glowing palette of coppers, golds, teals and magentas...

Fall is my favorite color was also Erin's idea I just said I liked it smiley

Okay so it sounds like the dinner party/fall theme is going to be it for November. I love it! But maybe for one of the up and coming months then if not for November, I'd really like to see a good blog train for a baby's first year album.... I'm thinking modern fonts and design styles, or free art journal styles, or project life style baby books, modular kind of first year albums where you pick and choose what you actually want to include in your baby book. Wire photo frames with words, watercolours, instagram-style, subway art, blending, quotes, journalling prompts, coordinating layout template groupings, journal cards, page templates with baby book type titled sections for journaling, etc...

I have an intense craving for this theme

Hi Justine, Melo has a bundle coming soon (sometime this month) of AMAZING baby stuff. I think you'll like it!!! Be sure to be on the lookout for it!!

I am open to the dinner theme. I would like to see some more vibrant colors for this blog train, if possible. Looking forward to the final decision. I do like the teal and copper colors......)

Oops, Kaleena and Erin! I have to admit that I missed Erin saying that - my only excuse is that I was mesmerized by the coppers and teal in that first palette! (Well, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!)


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