Amazing Plaid Tutorial

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Amazing Plaid Tutorial

Jessica always makes these amazing plaid papers, and when I asked her how the answer was amazing. I'll share her trick with you today.

The main trick is that you take a 1 px high selection of your preview once it's made. I do this by making a selection and then pasting it onto a 1px high canvas.

You can see from that last image, the stripes of the plaid are there. Now it's as easy as running one of Elif's plaid actions, and you've got amazing plaid! Obviously, the plaid will change depending on where and what you include in your selection. But it's a quick and easy way to get a wide variety of colors and shades that match with your kit!

Wow! Stunned by the inventiveness behind this technique! So simple but would never have thought these plaids were made straight from a kit preview! smiley

smiley Wow! That's awesome!

OMG! smiley

I'm squeeling with excitement over this ! I don't have Elif's plaid actions so all I did was copy/paste my 1px high selection onto a new 12x12 canvas, zoomed in to 200% so I can see the image, hit ctrl-t for resizing, and simply dragged the top and bottom of the image to the full height of the 12x12 (to make the stripes), and then proceeded to make my plaid layers.

I. Am. Stunned!

You could also make a paper that has a super busy pattern with all your colours and do the same thing if you don't have your full kit preview made yet too.


I'm off to experiment and make a gazillion plaids... just because I can.

Thank you Jessica and Marisa for sharing this amazingly easy trick! You gals have given me a whole new world to play in.

*happy dance*


Oh I love this, so simple. Thanks for sharing!!! smiley


Hi hun, are you from Massachusetts? I only ask because we recently moved here 3 1/2 years ago and their favorite word is "Wicked" smiley

Holy Moly.

Flabbergasted I am! smiley

I have PSE10 and was able to adapt to this instructions easily and I don't even have that action! So clever to use the preview to get the right colors like that!

Fantabulous! Love this idea. Now off to see if I can figure out how to make it work in GIMP.

that's amazing!! what an ingenious idea!! smiley

I should be doing "real" work and I can't stop making plaids!!! I smiley this though smiley

I've seen this method used similarly to make matching stripes (no actions needed)...paste the 1px high copy into a 12x12 inch canvas, then using the transform tool, grab the center, handle, to fill the page... drag the top handle upward to the top of the page; then, drag the bottom handle, to the bottom of the page.

wow! this is really good! Thanks for sharing smiley

Holy $%&*! To say the least! Mind blown. smiley

@Rachel: My thoughts exactly smiley

Wow! This is stunning! Thanks for sharing! smiley

I would say you are kidding, but I know better. Genius, Jessica! Thank you for sharing, Marisa!

There should be a warning label on that action somewhere, that its use can cause addiction...........

@Sunny: Haha smiley

I wish you could see my happy dance...well maybe it's better you don't smiley Anyway, I've had Elif's plaid action for months, and never took the time to try it, however when I saw this post a couple of weeks ago I gave it a whirl, and WOW it is so easy and quick! Thank you Elif for making this amazing action, thank you Jessica for creating all your gorgeous plaid papers and sharing your trick, and thank you Marisa for this great tutorial! Also, I'm in the same boat with Sunny, this is very addictive!!

What an amazing idea!

Oh My I love plaids I tried this with no luck at first ....action would not do anything

( I could not get it to work with 3600 px wide and 72 resolution ) so I experimented

I usually make my papers only around 900 or 1000 px and 72 resolutions and my previews is usually 1024 px (PSP tagger size )

So I tried making 900 or 1000 wide and 1 pixel height & my resolution to 300 and it worked .. perfect with no trouble...

I guess the key to is getting it 1 px in height & resolution to 300

the finish paper was 3600 px and resolution 300 though you will need to resize if you do tagger scrapbook
I hope that helps if there is any more tagger scrapbook people out there ..

I have already made 3 plaids trying out this tutorial they are beautiful & easy to make thank you Marisa & Jessica for the tutorial .

OMG this is a really mind blown!!

I have tried it!!! OMG i'm still shocked lol

Um... does Elif have the actions available for download on other sites? Because I can't download kits right now and sadly can't afford a sub.

Elif has her own shop

You can subscribe to her newsletter here

She also has a shop at the Lilypad:
I found styles here photoshop tools
And a lot more here Comercial use

smiley smiley smiley

wowee!! Ok I will be selling plaids now with every kit!! lol

This is amazing i watched the tutorial, had one kit I could get for free off I went and got very simple and easy. i made some using my layouts, just resized them to 3600 from 1200 and still does same thing....I love it!!! Thank you!

Oh wow!!! I need to try this, thank you!

Just tried this. Stunned by how simple it is. Thank you, Marisa, Jessica, and Elif!


there are also free tartan generators on the Internet, also very easy, especially for scrappers with other graphics programs ... even from photos that you want to scrap later