How To Create a Tag Shape, video

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How To Create a Tag Shape, video

To create an interesting tag shape in Photoshop all you need to do is combine a few shapes together. (Video at end of tutorial)

To being I'm going to make a rectangle with the rounded rectangle shape tool. Find this by holding down on the shape tool icon to get the fly-out menu.

Next I'm going to make circle on a new layer, and then align the two so they centered together on the one end.

Now we need to remove the overhanging areas. I'll start by using the polygonal lasso tool on the circle. Hold down shift to draw a straight line with the lasso tool. Once you have the overhanging area selected, delete. Repeat on the top.

Now select the rectangle layer and using the eraser tool, erase the parts you can see on the left side.

Now you can merge the two layers and recolor. For the final step, make a small circle and align it to the new tag shape.

Select the small circle on click on "select and mask."

Set the smooth to 2px.

Delete the selection from the tag shape, hide your circle, and you've got a tag shape!

Try combining more shapes for more interesting tag shapes.

Cool. Something else to play with. Thanks

Awesome! I'm learning all kinds of new things with shapes!

So simple! This will save me sifting through loads of designery tags when I just need a nice plain tag lol.

Awesome! So many quick and easy tips that I have never even considered.

smiley smiley Great tutorial, thank you!

This just gets your creative juices going. Thank you.

OOH! I am going to make one now!

Thank you

awesome! thank you