Make This Element - Metal Edged Brad

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Make This Element - Metal Edged Brad

Learn to make a simple, metal edged brad using Photoshop.

I mention in the video that to make metal I usually use styles and actions I've purchased. We have several options here at

The texture I use in this tutorial, as well as many other great textures, can be found here:

Please leave suggestions here for future tutorials.

super fun! thsnks for the tutorial!!

Thanks so much!

Slightly different in PSE11 but I figured it out..thanks so much Marisa!

I always wondered how you got the edge, great tutorial, thank you

Great tutorial...
Thanks!!!! smiley

Thank you! I'm really enjoying these tutorials!!

Marisa, I have searched for tutorial's on this very thing! Thanks and Thanks!

I really enjoy all of your tutorials. They are inspiring me to do more.

Had to magnify my screen to see what sliders you were moving in the video (i.e. Depth, size, highlight, shadow levels), but I definitely walked away with more knowledge. Thank you .

Yay! I'm always looking for that little something that need to be added and brads are it Thank You for this tut smiley

muchas gracias por el tutorial

I couldn't find how to do this in PSP, but I did figure out with some Eye Candy plugins I have. Thank you so much for this tut. I managed a furry brad. LOL

you make this so simple to do - thank you so much - I'm going to go and try it now

Has anyone tried this in Elements 12? I cant seem to get the plastic coatings looking right, there are not as many options for bevelling - just wondering if anyone has worked out the differences?

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Still confused about a few things... but getting better and better... thank you

Thank you for this!

you make it looks so easy! I hope I can figure out how to make that work in Corel Paintshop Pro smiley

Thank you so much!!

thank u

Great tutorial! Thank you

Thanks for all the great tutorials!

Thank you for this very interresting tutorial! smiley smiley smiley

cute smiley

Yes,it is a super manner to do and if you want,I have many textures gold,silver and coper. smiley

Awesome tutorial, and thank you so much for the metal texture, it's a time saver smiley

This is great! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the tutorial and texture link.

So great! I'm going to learn a lot with your tutorials.

Thank you for this tutorial on making a brad.