Requests for Behind the Scenes Tutorials

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Requests for Behind the Scenes Tutorials

Is there an asset (or template) on this site that you're curious about how it was made? If so please leave a link to the item you'd like to know more about.

I have the asset template to this but when I try to add color to it, I can't get the different shades like you have.

Or like this template (and others similiar to this type) do you add more than one color to red for the apple and brown for the stem?

This is a great thread..there are lots of things I try but struggle to make them look realistic like you and Brooke do. Thank you!

@Lana - regarding the apple template. The stem and apple "shapes" are on different layers so you can make each a different color. If you are talking about making the sketched part of the apple different colors - you could duplicate that layer - and on one of the layers erase the apple, and on the duplicated layer erase the stem - so that now you have the sketch as separate parts. Make sense?

Brooke..thank you so much! I will for sure try this today!! I love learning new things! Thanks for taking the time to explain it!

EDIT: completed,

I'm interested in learning about some of your metallic assets.

Such as the metallic ringed brads like this one.

The metallic look on this one.

This one from Brooke. I like the different textures and divots on this one. It looks really realistically old.

This one.

And this one.

Thanks Marisa! Can't wait to get home and try it!

I also scrolled through the templates gallery and I would love to know how to make this text overlay:

EDIT: completed,

Don't know how I missed this thread... LoL so here's one I want to learn. smiley

A couple of the techniques on how to do this type of cool paper that you made.

1) How to make the different, slanted shapes that make up the 12x12 background &
2) How to make the hand drawn pen sketched looking lines around the edge of each section.

Marisa: If you ever felt like it {hint, hint} I wouldn't mind a set of these types of background templates.

@Shawna: Part 1 and Part 2

thanks you so much Marisa for sharing your talents and teaching us how to do stuff ourselves!!! smiley you're the BEST!!!

I was wondering how you create this word art. Thanks so much!

Great tuts!

@Meridy: I made a tutorial here about metal edged brads. Most of the metal I use comes from Photoshop actions that are no longer for sale on the web. Although I'm sure there are still lots of good ones out there.

EDIT: Completed,

marisa, i really wanna learn how to make vintage ephemera effect embellishments like u make in vienna bundle. like this or this, or this. how can i color the butterflies like that? and make beautiful border,font,and distressed efect like this tag. thank you marisa.. i really love ur works and kindness,i surely learn a lot from u.. smiley

thank you marisa! you really make things easier to learn.

Sorry for emailing you about it first.

How are the punctures and raised parts done? Much thanks!

(Ive seen some tutorials for making straight dotted lines, how could they be done for curves too?)

hi, Marisa, i've tried searching for a tutorial on how to use a brad template. do you have one? thanks!

I would love to learn how make the puffy felt heart in your June portion of the DSF blog train.

EDIT: Completed here

I would love to learn how to make a glitter stroke around the outside edge of an element, like in this flower: The way I do it now seems incredibly clunky and overly complex.

Great ideas! I'll get to work on those.

I would like to learn how to make a spiral ribbon. I've searched high and low, and am about to decide I need illustrator to get it done effectively.. Any suggestions?

@April: I'm not sure Illustrator will really help you with a curled ribbon...although personally the only way I know how to do it is just scan one in, so clearly I'm not an expert in this area...

@Marisa, I was afraid someone was going to say that. How depressing! I know how to make the 3d spiral ribbon itself in illustrator, but its just a plain, no texture, no frills, spiral ribbon. I need to play with it more I guess. Thank you for answering though! And good luck on your move.

Marisa, I would really love to know how to make an overlay/transparency. I can find lots of overlays/transparencies already made, but no one says how to make them!! smiley

What sorts of overlays are you interested in? There are so many different kinds. Feel free to leave a link to something specific.

Well, you answered the basic questions I had about the repeating patterns overlays (I just found that tutorial).

I'd love to know how the textured overlays are made (like this or this, for instance). I have tried to do it before, but they always seem to REALLY make my images wonky once applied. So, I'd love to see one put together - I am pretty sure I am missing something!

Also, I would love to see just the process of making a more complex repeating pattern overlay (like stripes or intertwined swirly thingies, etc). I think that maybe if I saw someone do it, I wouldn't think it was such a mountain to climb...

Those are the things that are nagging at my brain right now and I can't quite seem to wrap my head around them... smiley

I hope this is where I am supposed to post this... I have looked on the site many times but can't find a tutorial on how to make something look like it ˆs popping up off the page (like with a pop dot) example is "Merry Christmas, From Us To You by Emily SIlverman" at

any help? Thanks!!!