Make This Element - Paper Flower 23

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Make This Element - Paper Flower 23

Here's my first attempt at showing the behind the scenes. Let me know if I gloss over something, although the point of these tutorials is not to show every little step but instead to give an idea of how I do things.

I'm showing how to make this template. Feel free to download it first so you can see what I'm working towards. Also, I use Brooke's texture.

Finally, please leave links here to any assets/templates you would like to see behind the scenes.

Brilliant tutorial, you make it look so easy, thank you.

thanks so much! It's really helpful and so easy.

can't wait to watch and try this at home smiley

Thanks for sharing your creative process. You make it look so easy!

Great tutorial; thank you!

Amazing! I shall have to try and make my own shapes. So cool!! C:


Thanks for the tutorial. Very well done.

Thank you!

Thanks! Super excited to try this.

You make it look so easy!

Can't wait to try this.

really easy! thanks! smiley smiley smiley

I hope you won't laugh at my finished project.It does not look like your,but i had to try to make it,so i did.I also added a lil' finishing touch,as you can see.
What do you ladies think?
Am i allowed to post this,not really sure about that.

I'm posting again,as i just relized i can only post one item.

Looks good!

Thanks Marisa!!

Love the tutorial. Thanks so much for putting that together smiley

This is awesome! Thanks Marisa smiley

You make that look so easy. I will definitely have to try it.

Brilliant! Thank you!

Thank You smiley

Another helpful tutorial-for a PS Newbie- thank you for sharing.

Cool! Can't wait to try it.

I love all of your tutorials and I love making flowers, so this is a double win for me.

Great tutorial thank you Marisa. I will have fun trying this out and show you my results if any. Love what I have seen here on so far. Hugs Maureen xxx

Great tutorial....thanks so much! smiley

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

love this tut..thanks!

Very clear and instructive tutorial. Thanks so much!

Thank you!))))