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Paint Can Tips

Here are 2 quick tips when using the Paint Can in Photoshop.

I have my pattern open in Photoshop and I'm going to lock the layer so that when I use the paint can the pixels don't go jaggy (see here for more info).

When using the paint can you have two options. You can either recolor a single area of the layer, or the whole thing. You can control this by clicking on "contiguous" at the top.

If "contiguous" is off that means everything that is the same color as where you click will be recolored.

If "contiguous" is on only the area you click on will be recolored.

You can also adjust the "tolerance," which refers to the range of colors that will be recolored.

If the tolerance is low it will only recolor colors that are very close together.

As you raise the tolerance number, more colors will be pulled into range.

So much to learn in Photoshop...thanks so much for the tip and making it a little easier!!

What a great tutorial. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Thanks for my new revelation! I couldn't figure out how to get all the dots at once on a ribbon that I used recently. Love your written tutorials!

Wow, I was taught that the fill bucket is evil because it creates jaggies. What handy tips you have! Thank you!

Thanks for sharing~! Great tips~!

Thanks for sharing this! I learned something new today.

Wow! I just joined because a Pinterest pin led me to the main page. Things looked interesting, so, hey? What's another site password to remember?

THIS is the simplest, clearest and best tutorial on changing all of one color in an image! I thank you from the tips of my fingers, which have too often tapped through individual color changes.

And wow - this is the first tutorial I read. If the rest of this site is of the same caliber, well, I hit the jackpot! Off to wander.

Awesome! Thank you! I was wondering how to do that. I knew it was something easy but didn't know what. lol

great reminder... thanks for these tips! smiley

Thanks so much for the tip!!

Thank you for the hint. Makes it so much easier knowing this.

You make the tutorials so easy to understand, thank you so much

Awesome. This will make things much easier for me. C:

Another great tidbit of information! Hopefully all these little bits of learning will connect themselves into one great big piece of the pie. Being a newbie at this, that might take a long time!! Thanks for all your help.

Thank you for posting this, Marisa! I learned the locking tip from your previous tutorial but I didn't understand at the time why I was doing it, so I stopped doing it, and started hating the paint can for making everything jaggy! Sometimes I need to learn things in a couple of different ways before I understand them, so this was really helpful. Thank you! I am so excited to go recolor things now!!!

Thank you for this tutorial! As always you make the tutorials so easy to understand!!

fabulous to know! thanks so much!

Your tutorials are so clearly written and understandable. Thanks soooo much

Thanks for this! It will make filling in templates so much faster.

thanks, this was really helpful! smiley

Thank you for your great tutorials!

I don't see the paint can on my ps cs6, is it not on there? I am also using a mac

If you don't see the paint can, you probably see the gradient icon. Just click and hold down on the icon to change:

Thanks I got it!!!

Oh, I have so much to learn and this tutorial certainly helps. Thanks much.

Love, love, love these basic tutorials! I don't use Photoshop but the tools are close enough in Serif PagePlus that I can figure out what to do! This is awesome! Thank you so much

Love, love, love these basic tutorials! I don't use Photoshop but the tools are close enough in Serif PagePlus that I can figure out what to do! This is awesome! Thank you so much

GIMP has something similar for broadening the range off selection, now I just need to figure out how to keep the jaggies away! Thanks for the tips.

You have saved me so much time! thank you thank you thank you!!!