Photoshop Patterns: Grid

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Photoshop Patterns: Grid

In this tutorial I'll show you how to make a simple grid pattern in Photoshop.

Using the line tool, set the width of the line you want and make the line on a new layer. Find your line tool by holding down on the shape tool for different shape options.

Duplicate your line a bunch of times (ctrl+j). Select multiple layers by clicking on the first and last layer while holding shift.

With all your lines selected, click on the "distribute horizontal centers" button.

Merge or group your lines together. Duplicate this group and rotate 90 degrees (Image->Image Rotation)

thanks so much!

As an alternative, make a one by one inch square. Make a plus sign in it. Define it as a pattern. Open blank page. Than fill with pattern. This has a grid of one inch.

Great hack LilyAnn!

Love your tutorials! smiley

Does this work in Photoshop Elements too?

@Catherine: I would think so, there's nothing fancy going on.

Cool. I enjoy learning all the things that PS can do. The more I use it the more I see what I don't know yet.