Using a Random Brush Tilt for Pattern Making

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Using a Random Brush Tilt for Pattern Making

Sometimes I want to make a random pattern where the shape rotates to a different angle, but manually rotating each layer is a real pain! I finally realized I could just use brush settings to make the pattern really fast and easily. (Video follows text)

To start you need to make your shape into a brush. I'm going to make a star using the custom shape tool (U).

Then, on a new layer I'm going to make my shape in the desired size.

Next, make sure the shape layer is selected and go to Edit->Define Brush Preset and make your shape a brush.

You will need the brush palette to adjust the angle setting.

Using the brush tool (B) select your new brush.

Now, in the brush settings, under "Shape Dynamics" adjust the "Angle Jitter." This will rotate your brush for you.

I've made a new layer, and now I'm just going to click around the page to make the star shape. See how it rotates for me after each click.

great tutorial. This will come in very handy.

I love quick and easy tips...thanks so much Marisa!

awesome!!! I love your tutorials, thanks so much for this one! smiley

awesome indeed! Thank You!!

Can't wait to try this one. Thanks.

Thanks so much Marisa! I am trying to really get into this designing thing! You are a great help!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Cool trick!

Great to know! I was just working on a paper with snowflakes and that's exactly what I wanted to do! Thank you!

Very informative tutorial. Versatile trick I can use often. Thank you for sharing Marisa!

Great tutorial Marisa! I just love this site. xoxox Beth

I was just wondering how to do this! Thanks so much for reading my mind!


Wow!! this is so much fun! thanks a bunch!!


I love that! Thanks

Very useful, thanks.

I must try this, I have being placing my elements individually. This should speed things up, thank you.

Thank you for this. smiley

Thanks for another very informative and easy tutorial.

Finally! I am glad someone uses their fantasy to figure out new and easier ways to do things smiley
Thanx for a simple and easy-to-follow tut!

Thanks for the tip! I have been wanting to try my hand at designing!

Thanks! I've often wonder how to do this quicker than just placing an element/shape at a time on the paper. This will really speed up things.


Hm...I wonder if I can figure out a way to do that with GIMP. I'd love to know how! I'll have to work on it. I always turn every single item one at a time.

Just what I like to find. EASY tutorials that make sense and don't get confusing.

Cool tip! Thank you smiley

muchas gracias buena idea

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!