Using the Gradient Tool to Make A Gradient Paper

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Using the Gradient Tool to Make A Gradient Paper

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make gradient (or ombre) papers such as are found in kits like these:

Making a gradient is actually pretty easy and definitely fun! To begin make sure a new layer is selected, then choose the two colors you want to use for the gradient.

You can choose two different colors either by clicking on each color block and selecting the color you want, or hitting X on your keyboard will switch back and forth between the background and foreground color, so you can use the eye dropper tool, etc to pick the colors you want.

Once you have the colors you want and your blank layer, find the gradient tool, which will be with the paint bucket tool. Hold down on the paint bucket for the fly-out menu and choose the gradient option.

A few notes about the gradient tool. Check out the menu options at the top to see how you can change your gradient.

▲ This menu will let you change the color options of the gradient. The first option is the one we'll be using to make this paper. The second option takes whatever color you have set as your foreground color and fades it to transparent, which is another useful option to play around with.

▼ We will use the default option for this tutorial, but playing around with the other options here is great fun.

To use the gradient tool drag your mouse from one part of the canvas to another. Depending on how long a line you draw and in what direction will affect your gradient. Play around to see what different kinds of gradients you can make. You can also hold down the shift button while dragging your mouse to create a straight line. Don't forget diagonal!

To finish off your paper, just add texture!

This is awesome! It has given me exactly what I was looking for to create some of the effects I want. My question is -- is there a way to apply a gradient to a shape instead of the whole page? (I use Photoshop Elements 15)

I'll make a tutorial about that soon, but basically just clip the gradient to your shape.


I'm not familiar with PSE15, but in the full photoshop, there is something called a "gradient overlay" done with the layer properties that will do what you're looking to do with a shape. Maybe someone who knows PSE15, can verify whether or not this feature is available...???.....

Good luck.

Thank you so much!!

Fantastic tutorial Marisa! I had been wondering how to create ombre papers and thought it must be terribly complicated. Thank you for showing us that it is really easy!

Thank you so much for this easy tutorial! This just gives me ideas how to create even more interesting papers. smiley

Thanks Marisa for another great tutorial! Now off to have some fun with this one! smiley

Thanks Marisa for this great tutorial. I can't believe how amazingly simple it is to create this special effect. I can't wait to try some of these in my creations.

Karen, I too use PSE 15, and as far as I can tell, there are no other options including the blending modes that will work and so it appears that Marisa's suggestion is the only viable one to accomplish the job, that is, clipping the gradient to your shape. I would be surprised, but if there is an easier way, I'd be happy to know too!

Hi Marissa, this looks great! quick question I use PSE6 and Have PSE12 (now getting accustomed to it) can I use this tutorial with these editions?

I finally figured out how to apply a gradient to a shape in Photoshop 15! It's actually very easy, it's just that you have to select your shape with the Magic Wand, Marquee tool, or one of the Lasso tools, not with the Move tool. Then you apply the gradient the same way Marissa described for the whole paper. I'm having fun playing with it.

Thank you,It is very easy! smiley smiley

ברור וקל - תודה רבה!

you saved the day! smiley thanks for the tutorial!

I enjoyed this, and is a good way to practice making papers.

Super tut. Thanks

it's easier than I thought! thank you!!!!