Favorite font?

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Favorite font?

Lately it's been Ink in the Meat http://www.dafont.com/ink-in-the-meat.font But not that I actually use it. I probably use the typewriter font more often.

I also used to like a sort of leafy art font back in the 90's, but damn if I can remember.

What's yours? smiley

It's hard to choose just one, but I always love a grungy typewriter font.

Oh man, don't talk to me about fonts. I probably have about 15,000 fonts. I bought a cd with 12,000 fonts on it a few years ago (all commercial use), and with all the other fonts I've downloaded through the years. I haven't gone through the ones on my computer in quite some time (about 2 years), so I probably have quite a few doubles, triples, quadruples... I love fonts and went crazy on them when I bought my CraftRobo because I could use them to cut my own titles for my scrapbook pages. So, out of all those fonts, I probably use about 4 or 5 on a regular basis. Right now my favourites are Arial, MingLiU, Alex Brush, Porcelain, and Margot.

While on the topic of fonts, I wanted to share a little tip with you all, especially the newbies. smiley Its not a good idea to install all those nice little fonts we all download. If you want to use a font, you can open it in the system font viewer (usually just by double clicking on the file) and this temporarily loads the font into memory and keeps it there as long as you have the file open. Then open the program you want to use and the font will be available for you. Especially handy if your creating a title for your pages and only use the font once in a while. Installing all those fonts onto your computer eats up your working memory. Ever notice that your programs take a long time to load? Or, it takes a really long time to save something or complete an action in your program? It may be because you have too many fonts installed. The program needs to load all those fonts into memory before it starts up and that leaves less memory for your programs to work with. Another good option is to use a font manager. I use FontViewer but there are several free ones out there. It allows you to temporarily load fonts and then releases the memory when you turn off your computer or you unload it. I only have a few extra fonts installed that I use all the time. There are lists of systems fonts that you need to keep installed if you google it for your operating system. I went through mine and uninstalled everything that wasn't a system font.

A lot of you probably already know this, but a lot of people new to digital scrapbooking and/or not very comfortable with computers might not. It makes a big difference on how well (and fast) your programs work.

From the common and simple ones, my favorite is Monotype Cursiva. From the fancier, as I´m on a chalkboard style phasis, I´m using Eraser Dust a lot.

With Windows 7 (and I assume Windows smiley, you can't just open a font on your desktop and use it in Word or PSP. I don't know if you still can with PS/PSE, but I doubt it. *sigh* My IT guy at work says there's enough memory on new computers to go ahead and install the fonts in my windows/font folder. I hope he's right, because I did it. lol! I guess if he's wrong, he'll be fixing my computer.

Back to the topic -- my favorite font to use with the things I do for my great-nieces is Fiolex Girls. Love the little smiley 's.

I'm having a hard time picking just one, but one I use a lot is Milk & Cereal.

I usually use Lucida Handwriting. It's a great cursive

Lorien & Lizanne, I had to go grab both Eraser Dust and Milk & Cereal. smiley Great fonts!

Thanks for sharing gals! I wouldnt have known about those fonts if you hadnt mentioned them.

Thanks for the tip, Cat. (urk, now I have to do a clean up)

@Cat: Thanks for the tips.

I heart dafont.com also fontspace.com is great too!

this is my favorite currently honey script

thanks CAT! for the tip!

for window users like me, i found so far, this font manager http://download.cnet.com/The-Font-Thing/3000-10248_4-127875.html

this one for the hundreth time would make great word art i think!

I'm a sucker for a great typewriter font! I currently love Traveling Typewriter and Typewriter Hand.

I'm also a huge fan of most Emily Lime fonts, available here. They're a bit pricey but well worth it. I have Bombshell Pro, Carolyna, Carolyna Pro Black, Peoni Pro and Jacques & Gilles. She has a few freebies on dafont that are great as well.

i went with this font manager http://www.xiles.net/nexusfont/ because it was reviewd good and was trusted..

at the moment, my favourite is TrashHand, looks like my handwriting smiley


Since everyone's talking about fonts. Do you know of a good strong, bold, male flavored handwriting font?

Since we were on to the idea of sharing fonts and websites,I was cruising the interwebz for more free font websites, i came across this one, it's pretty good, easy to search for fonts, has loads of new one i have never seen before and it's broken down into category's off to the right.


And i am a sucker for Script fonts. So this one really caught my eye Alex Brush Script font i just smiley the way script fonts look, if anyone else is a script font nerd like me here is the link for font squirrel for just script fonts smiley script fonts, font squirrel

Font Squirrel is my go to site lately just because their fonts are all commercial use. Love that site.

@Sara: I use "The Font Thing" as a font manager, too - have for years (before I ever ventured into digiscrapping). Love it - helps me find the right font quickly for whatever I'm trying to do.

@Penny: Glad you like it! smiley

thanks lizanne, i found font thing a bit confusing, so i went with nexusfont.

Yep i love font squirrel now, it's my new "candy store" of fonts!

I use Old Press quite a bit for my titles.

@Susan How about Luna Bar? http://www.dafont.com/luna-bar.font

Thanks again, you great wonderful people!

Oh, I haven't checked out fontsquirrel yet. But can't wait. I have used dafont.com quite a bit as a resource.

I KNEW this would be a dangerous topic to check out and I was right. So many new fonts I had to download and now I'm off to browse for more. Thanks, ladies, for all the leads.

My favorite classic font is Trajan Pro but ... my latest fave is Voyage. You can do so much with it!

here is a un whimsical font from font squirrel, its called "flavors" http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/flavors its cute!!

"I KNEW this would be a dangerous topic to check out and I was right. So many new fonts I had to download and now I'm off to browse for more. Thanks, ladies, for all the leads."

- I give this comment a standing ovation.

Thanks for the squirrel font, Sara. Havent seen anything like it.

Renae, ooh, Voyage is nice.

I have been using the script font, "Adorable" and also "Alex Brush" for titles or parts of titles. Both come from dafont I think but I just did a google search when I read about them and found the free downloads. They are more for feminine pages I think.

thank you ladies for all your comments in this post....it has given me places to look for fonts that I never knew about smiley

Overrated it may be, but I love papyrus!