For what country would you like to see a specific kit made for?

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For what country would you like to see a specific kit made for?

I'm considering creating some country specific illustrations, and possibly more. Let me know what country you are interested in.

Write in countries you are interested in and vote on the ones that are already entered. (I will increase the number of votes you have as people enter countries. So if you can't vote for everything you want, come back later!)

Leave in the comments specific illustrations/items you would like to see in the kit.

25% (20 votes)
25% (20 votes)
21% (17 votes)
South Africa
20% (16 votes)
17% (14 votes)
17% (14 votes)
17% (14 votes)
16% (13 votes)
the Netherlands
16% (13 votes)
15% (12 votes)
10% (8 votes)
10% (8 votes)
8% (7 votes)
8% (7 votes)
7% (6 votes)
The Caribbean Islands
7% (6 votes)
6% (5 votes)
South Korea
6% (5 votes)
5% (4 votes)
5% (4 votes)
5% (4 votes)
3% (3 votes)
3% (3 votes)
3% (3 votes)
2% (2 votes)
Hong Kong
2% (2 votes)
2% (2 votes)
2% (2 votes)
United Arab Emirates
1% (1 vote)
1% (1 vote)
1% (1 vote)
1% (1 vote)
1% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 80

How about Fiji. I could really use that! What a great idea. Looking forward too what you come up with.

France, please.

Chile! Selfishly, since I still have a huge chunk of that album to make.

South Africa would be awesome! Fabulous idea.

Canada would be great.

@Leslie definitely! I have a Canada kit that I crated that's in the commons in the mean time if you want to check it out.

The Great White North

United Arab Emirates

So great thanks for the link.

Ireland, Cuba, Spain, Venezuela

I vote Ireland.

Please write the counties you want in the poll so people can vote.

Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany

the Philippines

Hola, qué linda idea!!!
Irlanda, Escocia, Gales... tierras que sueño conocer algún día.
Soy de Argentina, también sería linda una colección de aquí, puede tener cosas de tango, de fútbol, de asados (carne a la parrilla)...

Enjoyed the comments.

I would love to see France, Germany, or Wales!

@Marisa I can't add to the poll. There's nothing to click on.

Australia would be helpful for me - I can't see how to get to the poll or add to?!

@Marisa Lerin: Adding to the poll, how?
I'd love Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, Dagestan and Iran. smiley

I think the write-in was broken. So I've turned it off and added all the countries. Please vote above (as many as you like) and continue to leave countries in the comments and I can add them to the poll.

Italy, please.

Germany, Switzerland Austria please smiley

Italy please, I would also like to see some region-specific designs coming up within country kits/bundles such as:

  • Germany -> Bavaria
  • France -> Alsace
  • Italy -> Venice Republic

Could Commons designers add mini-kits or Add-Ons (to the Commons) with matching color palettes as well?

Gracias por tener en cuenta nuestra opinión.

Singapore, Hongkong, South Korea, the Netherlands, Belgium, please

Israel, please.

How could we not have Spain? And all of Scandinavia of course. Russia and Turkey?

Ive ticked a few but really would like Italy- The Vatican City....more ancient history perhaps. Im a history lover. Great idea though x Mandy

Oh yes.....i know nothing about Israel apart from War History. How interesting, im off to source imagery and life in Israel. Thank you Teresa

More countries have been added! If you need to change you vote, you can click on cancel vote and do it again.