Add a Paper Background to an Alpha

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Add a Paper Background to an Alpha

Apparently I like outlined alphas, because I've made a lot of them. They look great on their own, but you can also easily add a paper background giving them a unique look.

To start, I've arranged my alpha letters in the way I'd like them to look.

You can do the next step a variety of ways. Basically we want to select the area inside the outline. I'm going to do this by merging the letters into one layer.

Next, I'm going to select outside the alpha using the magic wand. Make sure you have "contiguous" selected."

We actually want the opposite part selected so I'm going to go to Select -> Inverse.

Now, I'm just going to contract my selection by a little so the background isn't showing outside the outline.

We have the selection we want now. Below the alpha layer I'm going to create a new layer and fill inside the selection.

Now I just have to bring in the paper I want to use as the background and clip it to the layer I just filled.

"Fun" tutorial~ smiley
Thanks so much!

I'm going to have to try this technique on my next page. Thank You

Thanks for this tutorial!

Very cool! Thanks for the how-to.

Thank you Marisa, I have been wondering how to do that!

Talk about perfect timing! I was literally just struggling to figure out how to do this. I was getting so frustrated so I took a break and came on to PixelScrapper and this is what I saw! Thank you so very much Marisa!

Great tutorial. Thanks, I know I'll use this technique over and over again.

Thanks for the tutorial! Great info!

This is great! I've been wondering how to do this kind of stuff! thank you!

thank you for the tutorial!

This is so awesome! We can create custom alphas for any kit we use. xoxox Beth

Awesome tutorial!! Thank you so much smiley

Hi there,

Love your site and tutorials...:) They make me happy! smiley

I am a ps newbie..getting pretty good at it but have no idea how to clip..could you show that step for the alpha letters?

Much appreciated..

Thank you for yet another very useful tutorial!

very neat! thanks for sharing smiley

Thank you,

I have collected almost all your alphas - I love them!

Thanks for tutorial!!

Wow! Hadn't thought of this one. Very neat method of filling in those png alpas. Thanks!

After seeing this, I think I'm going to have to purchse photo shop. I had no idea that you could do so many things with the program! Thanks!

Thanks for this great tutorial. I've wondered how to fill in shapes and letters before. Your instructions are so clear and easy. Thank you, thank you!

son muy claras las explicaciones , muchas gracias!!!

Thats a great tutorial. THanks

I had no idea this was possible! Thanks for sharing!

You make that so super simple, Thanks!

Thank you!

Thank you for making this so easy! smiley

Thank you for the tutorial! There's so much to learn from you!

Thanks for the tutorial.

Another technique I am going to have to try. You make it look easy!