Make This Wood Veneer Element

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Make This Wood Veneer Element

For this tutorial I used these templates

I'll start with the frame shape open in Photoshop. Using the paint bucket I'm going to make it brown. You can use any color you'd like.

Now I'm going to bring in the wood texture on top of the frame shape. And using a clipping mask I'll clip it to the shape.

Change the blending mode of the texture. In this case I'm going to use "Multiply," but depending on the texture you may want to use "overlay" or some combination of both.

The last step is to add a bevel to the frame. There are lots of ways to adjust this to change the final look. Here are the settings I've used for this frame.

All done!

Great Tutorial. Thank you

This is awesome. I learn so much from your tutorials. I am doing this now.

Wow... so great. smiley Can't wait to try it out. smiley

This is great... love learning how to do different things using Photoshop.

Great tutorial! Thanks

Okay your just awesome!

Great tutorial - thank you!

Thanks for another great tut Marisa! smiley

Great and thanks for the website mention for the textures! Just got your frame shape and going now to try this!

Thank you! Having your bevel settings will be such a helpful starting point, that's one of the techniques I'm trying to get more familiar with.

great tutorial.. thanks...

Great tutorial, thank you

I had worked on a project with wood texture but I didn't know this before. It'll come handy in future.

You make it look easy smiley Thanks for laying out all the steps.

I will be trying this later!! Love!! smiley

muy buen tutorial

great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing, love this forum!

Thank you

thanks smiley great tut

Great idea smiley

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you!

Its wonderful...
I did not know how, thanks

Ohhhh! Muchas gracias!
Soy nueva en el foro y estoy segura que con vuestros tutoriales aprenderé mucho y bien!
Un beso para todas!

thank u

I finally understand clipping masks!

Thank you for teaching this method. Very cool.