Making A Torn Paper Edge Tutorial

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Making A Torn Paper Edge Tutorial

First, download one of the tear templates. Here is the one I’m using in this tutorial.
I have a document open with two pieces of paper already in it, each on their own layer.
Place the tear, on its own layer, and as the top layer, above both pieces of paper.

With the paper layer (directly below the tear layer) selected, first use the rectangular marquee tool to select one side of the paper - getting close to the tear edge.

Hit “delete.” Then deselect, to get rid of the rectangle selection (mac: command-d, or pc: control-d, or select>deselect from the top menu bar).

Next use the erase tool, with a round brush, and hardness to 100%.

Erase the remaining part of the paper up to and along (even going under a little) the edge of the tear.

Now your paper looks like it has a ripped or torn edge.

Oh wow, so easy! I love torn papers, downloaded yours immediately. Thanks!

How cool is that?! Wow. I am so excited because I am learning how to be a designer. smiley

I'm downloading the torn paper.
Thank you so much~ smiley

aah I've run out of dc's, will come back tomorrow - your tutorial is exactly what i need!

Can't wait to try this! I had to wait a whole day to have enough credits to download the torn edge was the first thing on my list to get this morning!! You make it look very easy!

Thanks so much. Very simple technique. Love the look.

Can't wait to try it. Thanks!!!

Worked like a and easy. I hope more of these templates are made..LOVE!! Thanks for the tutorial!

thank you so much for explaining this! can't wait to play!

Thank you for the tip! It looks so easy. Going to try it out now.

Thanks soo much for the tutorial!! smiley

Thank you so much for the tutorial!

Thank you! I couldn't figure out how to use the torn paper template - now I'm going to download and use it!

Thanks so much! Love the torn edges

Love the look of a torn edge. Thank you for taking the time to put together this tutorial.

Thank you so much for this! I have never even used Photoshop before, but I followed your easy directions and created my first torn page! It looks great! I'm thrilled smiley

So glad everyone is finding the torn paper tutorial easy smiley I'll try and get a few more tear templates up soon so you can have a variety to design with.

Thank you for the tip! It looks so easy. Going to try it out now.

So clever nad simple, thank you

Awesome - so glad for these tutorial forums.

Great tip. Thanks. I'm finding so many helpful hints in this forum.

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much, I was trying to figure out how to do this!!

Wow! I was wondering how to make these ... It's so easy!! This is so awesome smiley Thanks so much for sharing this ... Yay now I can go make some for my layouts!!!!

I just figured out on my own how to do the torn paper look in Corel psp x4 just last night and I was so happy. I hope to share some of the things I am making soon. It's actually pretty easy. I don't use photoshop though.

@Renee - nice torn look!

Thank you for this great tutorial

So awesome (and simple!) I must go download a tear now that I know how to use it...
(silly me, I just noticed that this tutorial was linked right next to the template)

oh wow THAT is easy!! i can't wait to try this!

very good. better than the other one I tried. Thx