Trimming An Element

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Trimming An Element

When finishing a .PNG element, it's helpful to trim it, to reduce the size of the file, make it cleaner and also check for stray pixels. To ensure that you aren't trimming off the fine edges of an element, always add a small stroke to the layer first. Video instructions follow at the end.

I always add a small, external stroke to my element before trimming. This ensures that the softer, rounded edges stay smooth.

Once your stroke is applied, go to Image -> Trim

Remove your stroke layer style, and the element is ready to go!

Since I do this a lot, I keep my stroke layer style saved in the layer styles panel, and I have an action that can run through many elements at once if needed.

I hope this option is in PSP - that was neat! tyvm, marissa!

Thank you!!! It's very helpful,

Well, I've never thought of that. Thanks for the tip. C:

Thanks so much for the tutorial!

What a great tip.

Terrific, I have had times where the crop is too close so this is perfect!

I didn't think of trimming before removing the stroke! You are so clever! I always size down my elements to 99.5% before saving just so there is a buffer. I've had rounded edges get clipped accidentally with elements that butt up to the sides.

Thank you!


Watched this one with interest! Thanks so much.

Good idea. Thanks for the tutorial.

Very cool suggestion, using the stroke for creating a safe trimming area. And the stroke seems to be the easiest way for me to find a stray pixel.

Very helpful!

many thanks! save my hard disk!

Thank you!

Wow, something so simple as adding the stroke before trimming, who knew!!

Thank you for sharing!

Very helpful idea. I always cropped before, but I see what you mean about not trimming off any of the image.

Hi Ladies, could someone explain how to make a stroke style, as I have never heard about this before, many thanks.

Update: I have worked it out and saved it as a style but how do I save it so I have a thumbnail showing as all I have is text, thanks.

Michelle: In the Styles palette open up the little menu and you can choose "small thumbnail"

Thank you Marisa

Love this video; very helpful. Thanks!

Very helpful tip. Thank you.

Very interesting. I hadn't even thought about this.

Very helpful tip! Thank you!

Always so helpful. thanks for the tuts. Learning all these little things- thanks.

You always come up with such useful tutorials thank you.

I never thought of adding a stroke around the edge! Thank you!

Thanks for the tip on adding a stroke layer so the trim (or crop in PSE) is not too tight.

great tip. thanks so much!

Thanks for the tip!

I knew this, thank you for the tutorial smiley