PHOTOSHOP: Tutorials & Freebies (External Links)

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PHOTOSHOP: Tutorials & Freebies (External Links)

This a list of quality Photoshop tutorials and freebies, curated by the lovely moderators for this forum. All links are outside If you have a suggestion, please leave it in the comments below. Also don't forget to visit our own Tutorials Forum where you see all the tutorials and leave requests.

Learn it All




Video Tutorials from our own Judy Salerno

Beginner list using Photoshop CS5

Getting Started Tutorial 2 
How to straighten and crop a picture 
How to replace color 
Using the sponge tool 
Using the clone stamp tool 
Using the spot healing tool 
Using content aware 
How to use Unsharp Mask 
Saving your work

Changing the Interface Settings in Photoshop CS6

  • If you do not like the dark interface of Photoshop you can change it. Take a look at the instructional video to see how.

Beginner list using Photoshop CS6
If you have upgraded to Photoshop CS6, you will find that there are differences in CS6.

Basic Photo Corrections video lessons
The degree of retouching that is done depends on the image you are working on and the intended outcome. For most images this can be achieved by using Adobe Camera Raw and a few clicks to adjust the image. When you are done with the adjustments go to Photoshop to do some advanced retouching.

Customizing Your Photoshop Work area:

Layers, layer styles, and layer masks have become such an essential component of Photoshop that it’s hard to believe that the early versions of Photoshop didn’t have layers. Today, so much of what you do in Photoshop, you will do on layers.

Go to the first of a series of video -- Lock Transparent Pixels

Apply a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer.
Before adjustment layers, when one wanted to make an adjustment to color, curves, levels, or hue saturation, they couldn’t go back and modify it. They were stuck with it. There were ways to work around the issue, but that’s all they were—work-around. Adjustment layers offer you the ability to make an adjustment and then go back at any time and modify the adjustment. From the designer’s perspective, it’s the difference between being trapped with their choices and being free to experiment.
Adjustment layers are also a record of the adjustments you make. For example, if you are working on a new layer and want to know what color correction you made to a previous layer, all you need to do is check the adjustment layer. In the old days, they used an old-fashioned method to keep track of this information—a pencil and paper!
To view the video click here

From Lórien
Tutorial - Creating colorful sticker titles

Photoshop Freebies

Everything Photoshop



PSD Files



From Tina Shaw

I ran across a few CS extensions/plugins that you may find useful...

GuideGuide - add multiple guide lines at once

Save Panel - configure buttons that saves documents with your favorite settings

A few more HERE!

Creative Photoshop Actions???

A discussion about Photoshop Actions.

A list of tutorial videos for Photoshop Elements and Photoshop

  • Editing with textures in Adobe Elements
  • Organizing and importing Adobe Lightroom develop presets
  • How to apply texture to an image and some advanced blending techniques

Just added some great beginner tutorials from Judy!

Thank you, I will pour over the beginner ones xoxo

I have started some beginning CS6 tutorials that you can find on the list above. These are flash videos that help you use Photoshop CS6

Thanks Judy for the beginning videos, they are a great help learning the tools.

Judy these are great, thanks

Thanks Judy, I need all the help I can get, these are great

I just upgraded to CS6, The beginning tutorials have helped, thanks

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Thanks for the great list, will check them out.

Thank you so much for posting this list! I can't wait to rummage through it when I have the time. =P

Thanks so much for these links!

maybe I won't feel so lost if I do some of the more "basic" tutorials

Thank you for all the videos smiley they are very helpful even thought I'm not a beginner but, you never know when we need a little help smiley

Fantastico trabajo.Gracias

I think I use every website used here, and to have all listed in 1 place is fantastic! Thanks!!

is a wonderful site for tutorials as well.

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how to open an action on cs2. I need a beginning version.

Great tutorials! Great information for someone like me who self taught themselves. I've had Photoshop for a while now and I still find that I learn something new each time I play with it

Here is some useful tutorial in Photoshop about how to clear scars from faces and so on... Maybe this link will help someone :
Scars Remove Tutorial Photoshop

Thank you for sharing.

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Wonderful list! Can't wait to try out all the new tricks.

wow, thank you so much for all the information, slowly I will open each link and learn as much as I could, thanks a lot!

Being new to digital scrapbooking I appreciate all the tutorials! They're a big help!

Thank you, Judy